Paige Spiranac’s confesses her golf game is “really struggling”

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Paige Spiranac took to Instagram to open up about her “struggling” golf game.

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The gorgeous golfer confessed that she has a case of the yips, something she hasn’t experienced in years.

“I’ll be honest, my game is really struggling right now,” she wrote. “Today I got the yips off the tee which was the first time that’s happened since playing pro.”

She continued: “I was pretty discouraged and have been down on myself about my golf game.”

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Paige might be taking her frustrations out on her poor clubs, though.

In a tweet from earlier this week, she wrote, “Today I threw my driver 40 yards in the air. Hit a cart path and bounced into the s***.”

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But because Spiranac is a giver, she offered to take fans along with her as she works on her game.

“So more stories with practice plans, and we will go through my @shot_scope stats together!,” the hot pink lady added. “Let’s make this a team effort. A support group for bad golf lol.”

When one person asked her, “What qualifies as ‘Yips’ off the tee to you tho,” she replied, “Two way miss,” adding, “don’t know where it’s going.”

Does Spiranac truly have a case of the yips, though? According to Golf Digest, the yips are a neurological condition called “focal dystonia,” which provokes involuntary movements around specific actions.

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In Paige’s case, it sounds more like she’s consistently mishitting the ball, which is understandably frustrating and something she has to work on.

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Perhaps she wants to try her hand at another sport and step away from her golf game for a bit.

It was last week that Spiranac showed off her athletic prowess prior to the NFL Draft by taking part in some mock drills football players are judged on.

Paige put up some impressive numbers Paige, recording a 19-inch vertical leap, completing a 20-yard dash in 2.97 seconds and a shuttle exercise in 5.5 seconds.

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Or there’s always tennis.

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