Maple Leafs have most loyal NHL fanbase in Canada

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Canadians are widely known for their love of hockey but when it comes to breaking down that hockey love by area, which province reigns supreme?

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New data has found the most loyal NHL fanbase in Canada belongs to none other than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Researchers at BonusNinja analyzed data over 10 NHL seasons (not including the 2020-21 season or the current 2021-22 season) using sources such as and to determine which Canadian teams in the league have the most devoted fans.

Different categories were explored including the total games played at home stadium per season, the total attendance at home games per season, the average attendance at home games per season, and total games won and lost (home and away).

Then they studied the teams with the most support (those who attended live games).

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have the highest 10-year average among Canadian teams, with an attendance rate of 103%.

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The Montreal Canadiens were second with an average of 99.85%, with the Vancouver Canucks a close third with 99.66%.

The Edmonton Oilers were right behind them with 99% and the Calgary Flames averaged 98.78%

Funnily enough, the Oilers have lost the most games, but have had a 99% average of stadium attendance over 10 years. That’s loyalty right there!

The Winnipeg Jets came in second-last among Canadian teams over the 10-year period with 97.09% but it should be noted, when looking at the data over five years, Jets fans boasted the highest attendance average at 104%.

Meanwhile, bringing up the rear are fans of the Ottawa Senators with a distance last-place average of 90.85%.

The study looked at attendance in all NHL cities and found the top-five most loyal fans overall — not just Canada — are Chicago, Vegas, Minnesota, Toronto and Pittsburgh.

The bottom three teams as far as fan loyalty goes belong to the New York Islanders, the Carolina Panthers and, in dead last, the Arizona Coyotes.

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