Maple Leafs fan pummels man for allegedly touching woman

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A chivalrous Toronto Maple Leafs fan pummeled another fan at Scotiabank Arena on Thursday after the man allegedly groped a woman.

Video of the shocking incident was posted to Twitter and first reported by TMZ.

The incident allegedly occurred during the Leafs’ home tilt against the Washington Capitals.


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In the video, the fan in the Leafs jersey tosses an older man over the seats and onto the Vault’s concrete steps.

He told the older man: “You don’t f—— touch her, you don’t f—— touch her. I’ll f—— kill you, you dumb f—.”

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

At the same time, he rains blows down on the older man, landing a shot on his nose and breaking his glasses. The object of his ire then desperately grips the younger man’s jersey to keep from falling down the stairs.

Ouch! There was more action off the ice on Thursday! TWITTER
Ouch! There was more action off the ice on Thursday! TWITTER

Other fans then tried to get the younger man under control until a security guard arrives.

The man in the Leafs jersey allegedly told security: “You can’t just touch a girl like that, you can’t just grab her arm like that.”

In a final coup de grace, a woman is seen slapping the accused groper in the face several times before returning to her seat. The alleged victim had blood running down his face.

The aftermath. TWITTER
The aftermath. TWITTER

The video cuts off as the pair are separated.

So far, it isn’t clear whether Toronto cops became involved or if charges were pressed by any of the participants.

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