World’s most pierced man with 278 on his genitals alone shares how people react

Rolf Buchholz has hundreds of piercings, tattooed eyeballs and a split tongue and since being crowned the world’s most pierced man, he said people’s attitude towards his appearance had changed

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Guinness World Record holder discusses body modifications in 2020

The world’s most pierced man with 516 body modifications – including hundreds on his genitals alone – has shared how people react to his unique appearance after his world record.

Guinness World Record holder Rolf Buchholz, who lives in Germany, said he was proud of the title and that people’s attitude towards his appearance had changed since he received it.

The 62-year-old computer scientist has 516 body modifications – 278 on is genitals alone – as well as tattooed eyeballs and a split tongue, the Daily Star reports.

He was verified for most piercings in 2010, and then crowned the world record holder for body modifications in 2012 and so far, no one has officially beaten him.

German Rolf Buchholz holds the world record with 516 body modifications



Rolf said the achievement was “special” to him during an interview on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel.

“Since I have the record, people look a little bit different at my body modifications, because they see me in the book,” he said.

“So I’m famous, and people find it [the body modifications] much better than before.”

But, despite enjoying the positive attention he had received, Rolf suggested that he had never pursued the goal of breaking world records purposefully.

He said: “I did it not for the record, I got the record at the end. But I did the modification for me. I like the modification, I find it good, and so I did it.”

Giving viewers a tour of his modifications, Rolf described how his first modification was a tattoo on the lower part of his left leg.

Rolf Buchholz said the attitude of people towards his appearance has changed


REUTERS/Yves Herman)

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His body is now completely covered in a collection of black and grey tattoos – and the record holder has also adorned himself with a number of quirky features.

Underneath the skin on his arms are balls, which can be pulled, while a “flexible implant” also sits on his hand, which can be squished together.

Rolf has also installed magnets in his fingertips, but he admitted that this had an unexpected consequence when using technology.

“[There’s] no inspiration behind it, it’s only to do it and show that you can do it,” he explained.

“Sometimes if you come on the wrong part of the iPad, it switches off, because they also use magnets for turning on and off.”

He previously said in an interview that the body jewellery doesn’t have a negative affect on his sex life – otherwise he would’ve gotten rid of it “already long ago”.

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