Woman’s outrage as stranger dubs her a ‘horrible mum’ for bringing a toddler to a cafe

The fed-up mum asked if she was in the wrong, after a stranger branded her a ‘horrible mother’ for letting her child walk around the coffee shop – even though the tot was supervised

Mothers and babies in coffee shop
The mum was fuming at the comment

One mum looking after her daughter in a coffee shop was horrified to attract some unwanted feedback.

She had been visiting a coffee shop with her toddler and was preparing to leave when a stranger branded her a ‘horrible mother’.

Her crime? Letting her daughter walk around the coffee shop – while supervised – and steering her away from any tables uninterested in the tot.

Taking to Reddit, the mum asked if she was in the wrong – and received a number of supportive comments.

She wrote: “I’m a working from home mum, trying to run my company and to finish my postgraduate degree while raising my kid, while my husband spends all day at work, it gets a bit much sometimes.

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The mum had visited the cafe with her daughter (stock image)


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“His workplace is one of those that demands a ton of teambuilding activities etc. So he’s often away long after hours.”

So in a bid to keep her daughter – who is almost one year old distracted – she’s started taking her to a local coffee shop.

She added: “I’ve decided to try it and have a coffee there a few months ago and found out my daughter loves it! She will look around sitting in her stroller while I drink my coffee in peace for once.

“The waitresses love her and know her by name and come to greet her. We leave a big tip to make up for any inconvenience we might cause.

“She recently started walking and loves to use any open space. I take her for a walk outside twice a day with the stroller and we stop and she walks around whenever.

“When the weather is bad or when I just want to, we go to the coffee shop and sit at the very edge of the seating area, basically completely in the lobby.

“We go when there are the fewest people because I don’t want to bother anyone, we never stay longer than 30 minutes. She sits in her stroller and when she wants to, I take her out and we walk around the lobby.

“When someone smiles at her and they initiate a conversation, we stop and she smiles and babbles a bit at them and then we go. I steer her clear of anyone with a laptop/headphones/book/studying/on a meeting, and if she ever gets cranky we’re outta there immediately.”

But on a recent visit, an elderly woman sat next to them – and complained about the tot’s behaviour, dubbing her a “horrible mother.”

Now the mum has asked for advice on whether she should take her daughter to a coffee shop again.

One person commented: “Kids need socialisation, and you need sanity.”

Another added: “It is a shopping mall. Not a private shop. Who goes to a mall to be alone and have quiet time? So long as the kid is being ok, no one else’s opinions matter. Yelling and screaming in a meltdown? Not ok. The old lady complainer is out of line.”

A third commented: “You and your child both need human interaction. It sounds like you’ve found a place that allows for this and that you are being responsible and considerate. Ignore the sour grapes.”

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