Woman warns against bleaching hair at home – as her hair comes out in clumps

Jess Kent has issued a stark warning against bleaching your hair without a professional – as her hair fell out in clumps when she tried touching up her roots herself

Jess Kent from her TikTok video
Jess Kent says she’ll ‘never’ bleach her own hair again

A woman who attempted to touch up her roots at home by self-bleaching her hair has told others to never do the same – after clumps of her hair fell out.

Jess Kent, a musician from Australia, shared a video on TikTok in which she went back to the hairdresser after her self-bleaching disaster, and showed the way that brushing her hair caused a huge number of strands to fall out with each pass of the brush.

She warned viewers in the clip : “Let this be your sign to not touch up your roots with bleach at home.”

The woman decided to bleach her own roots after going on a trip away from her hometown where she was unable to visit her regular hairdresser to have her hair bleached professionally.

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After one pass over with the bleach mixture, Jess found her hair was patchy so she tried to do it a second time a few days later – this time using a hair mask to keep the heat in.

But as she brushed her hair out, she noticed it was beginning to fall out – so made an emergency appointment with the professionals.

In the video, which was posted to Jess’ @itmejesskent account, the hairdresser looks visibly worried as she brushes the poor woman’s hair and discards the loose clumps on the floor.

And Jess was even left with short “spikes” at the top of her head where some of her hair had completely broken off because of the strength of the bleach solution she had used.

Her hairdresser was visibly worried



Her hair was coming out in clumps



Commenters on the video – which has over 453,000 likes – were equally as panicked for the health of Jess’ hair, as many of them were all too aware of just how damaging bleach can be if not applied correctly.

One person said: “Girl, I’m praying for you.”

While another added: “Bestie, are you okay? I’m sweating watching this.”

And a third said: “How are you so calm? I would be bawling my eyes out!”

But others were confused as to how Jess ended up in her predicament, as they claimed they’ve been bleaching their hair at home for years and have never had a disaster like Jess’.

Someone said: “I’ve doing at-home hair for years, you just over-processed your hair.”

As someone else wrote: “I’ve bleached and dyed my hair for literal years and this has never happened to me.”

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