Woman swears by three-step cleaning routine to get shower looking good as new

A cleaning expert has gone viral online after sharing her simple three-step method for making her shower look good as new – and it’s really easy to do for yourself

Carolina's shower
Carolina’s shower looks amazing

Cleaning the house can be a long and tiring task that people avoid for as long as possible.

So, there’s nothing worse than stubborn stains that refuse to budge no matter how much elbow grease you use to scrub away at them.

Thankfully, a cleaning expert has shared a handy three-step routine that will leave your shower glistening with minimal effort.

Carolina McCauley shared her savvy hack on TikTok, with the view having already garnered over 1.5 million views on the app.

The woman, whose username is @carolina.mccauley on the app, shared her video, saying: “How I clean my shower the easy way. Start with dish soap and baking soda”.

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She proceeds to drizzle the soap on the floor of her shower before sprinkling some baking soda on top of it.

The nifty tutorial continues, instructing viewers to add some water. You’ll then need to use a broom to spread the solution around the surface – an extendable broom is recommended by the poster, in order to avoid you bending over.

Make sure to get into the corners and other nooks and crannies to avoid missing any stains. Then, you’ll need to wash this away with water and voila, your shower floor should be spotless.

Viewers of the video were amazed by her tips, with one saying: “BROOM!!!! How have I not thought of this!!!!”

Another commented: “I do this except I use white vinegar instead of the water”.

After you’ve tackled that, you’ll want to give your shower taps, knobs and surrounding wall tiles a clean.

Carolina posted a follow-up video of herself cleaning the rest of her shower area.

In the clip, she uses a handheld electrical scrubbing brush and cleans those areas with the same three-ingredient solution of dish soap, baking soda and water.

The TikTok cleaning pro shares a whole range of other hacks on her page, including ways to make your bathroom sparkle, tips for making your bed, ways to remove stubborn rust stains and more.

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