Woman sparks huge debate over how to pronounce Juliet – and nobody can agree

A woman on Mumsnet has sent people into meltdown after dividing users on how to pronounce the popular and traditional girl’s name Juliet

A woman on Mumsnet has left users torn with pronunciation
A woman on Mumsnet has left users torn with pronunciation (stock photo)

A woman online has sent people into meltdown over how to pronounce a popular and traditional name.

A user on social media parenting site Mumsnet created a major debate after questioning how to pronounce the name Juliet.

They shared a post to clarify the “confusion over pronunciation” of the name – best recognised for William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.

The Mumsnet poster left users torn as she asked for their personal interpretation on how to pronounce the name.

In her post, she wrote: “I posted about the name Juliet yesterday and it seems that there could be some confusion over pronunciation. So, how would you pronounce the name?

The users shared the debate to Mumsnet (stock photo)


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“JULIE-et?” or “Julie-ET?” she questions.

The feminine name – that means meaning “youthful,” and the female version of Julius, the son of Roman god Jove is a popular choice of name.

Users flocked to the comment section of the original post to debate over the true pronunciation of the name.

“Julie-ET,” one added. “But I think I probably put a reasonably strong emphasis on both syllables. They’re quite evenly balanced with a slight extra on the -ET.”

Users were torn over the pronunciation (stock photo)


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DockOTheBay commented: “I think Juliette would have an emphasis on the “et” syllable, Juliet on the “Julie” part.”

“Exactly what DockoftheBay said – JULIE-et for your spelling,” a user agreed. “Julie-ET for Juliette.”

A fourth wrote: “Agree that Juliette should have an emphasis on the “et” syllable, and Juliet on the “julie” part.

“However, most people will mispronounce Juliet as Juliette.”

“Joolee ette,” a fifth penned. “No emphasis on any syllable.”

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