Woman shares ‘game-changing’ shoelace trick to ensure jeans properly fit your waist

A woman has revealed how to make sure your favourite jeans fit around your waist like a glove, and you won’t need any fancy seamstress skills to try it for yourself

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TikTok user shares her trick for making jeans fit perfectly

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly around your waist, with sizing being drastically different from shop to shop.

Oftentimes, we just make do, hoping and praying that big chunky belts or braces will one day come back into fashion to save us from the perils of poor-fitting denim.

In the meantime, one stylish and resourceful woman has shared her top tip for getting loose jeans to fit beautifully, and you don’t need to be a trained fashion designer to follow her example.

In a video, a TikTok user, who goes by the name @lulegret, explained how to do the “shoelace trick”, which she was surprised to learn not everybody knew about.

All you’ll need is a spare shoelace



A bow rather than a knot is best for if you need to nip to the loo



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She revealed: “Essentially, you just need to get a shoelace, and cut a little snippet on the right side and left side of the jeans, because there should be a channel that runs through.

“You get a safety pin on one side so that you can feed it through, and you feed the shoelace right through the channel of the waistline until it comes to the other end.”

In a follow-up vid, the TikToker, who creates content centred around fashion and styling tips, demonstrated pulling both ends of the shoelace together and tying them in a bow.

She continued: “You literally just pull them, tie it as tight as you want, create a bow. You can create a knot if you want, but going to the toilet might be a bit tricky.

“Then you just tuck it into your jeans, do up the belt, sort out the pockets as well, and then you have jeans that fit you perfectly on the waist!”

The clever fashionista’s followers have been marvelling over this handy tip, with the shoelace trick appearing to work like a charm.

One person hailed it as “genius” and “a game-changer”, while another joked that they “use pudding for a similar result”.

A third person lamented having only just found this out, writing: “So you’re telling me I threw away my favourite jeans because they were too big and I could have done this”.

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