Woman saves £156 with free haircut from trainee hairdresser – but it wasn’t ‘worth it’

A woman saved herself £156 on a haircut when she offered to be a ‘hair model’ and get a trim and colour for free – but the terrible end result wasn’t worth the deal

Laura's TikTok video
Laura shared her free haircut on TikTok

A woman who offered her services as a “hair model” at a beauty school so that she could bag a free trim from one of the trainee hairdressers has been left regretting her decision – after her money-saving tactics just weren’t “worth it”.

Laura, from New Zealand, said she would have paid $300 NZD (£156) to have her hair cut and dyed pink if she had gone to a professional, but received the service for free because her hairdresser was still learning how to properly cut and colour hair.

But Laura soon realised that free things aren’t always the best, as she left her appointment disappointed with her haircut – as her hairdresser gave her a trim that was too short and failed to properly dye it pink.

In a video on TikTok, the woman explained: “A year ago, I chose to be a hair model to get a free cut and colour instead of paying $300.”

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And in the caption, Laura – who posts under the username @laurayoungy – added: “Sometimes free things just ain’t worth it.”

Commenters on the video shared in Laura’s horror at the haircut she received, with many of them also saying they have suffered hair disasters in the past.

One person said: “Well … at least it was free, I guess?”

While another added: “Oh my god, I did a modelling job in Wellington for a local salon recently and he hacked almost ALL my hair off. I feel you.”

Laura wanted a cute pink look



But she didn’t get what she asked for



And a third asked: “How did they do you so dirty?”

Meanwhile, we also recently shared the story of one woman who can “never relax” her forehead after having a nightmare experience with her fringe.

The woman posted a video in which she showed off her new trim, and while things looked good at first, she revealed she’d made the classic mistake of being too tense during the cut so her forehead was “scrunched” and her eyebrows were raised.

In the clip, posted to @TheGrenYahs, she said: “I just got my bangs trimmed. I got them where they kind of touch my brow but they go down longer on the sides. They’re whispy, and they’re exactly what I was hoping for.

“As soon as she finished I realised the entire time, I was doing this. Scrunching my forehead up.

“And then as soon as I relaxed … are you ready? As soon as I relaxed.”

The woman then burst out laughing as she showed what happens when she relaxes her forehead – as her eyebrows lower and her fringe rises up, leaving her with a bizarrely short and slightly wonky look.

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