Woman red-faced after song lyric tattoo disaster leaves her with wrong words to ABBA hit

An ABBA fan has been left mortified after she told her tattoo artist she wanted her favourite song lyrics inked on her ribs – but managed to get the words wrong

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TikTok user gets wrong ABBA lyrics tattooed on her ribs

You probably know all the words to your favourite song of all time, right?

Most of us could recite every lyric of the songs we consider to be the best of the best, and if it came down to it, we’d definitely be able to give an exact quote to our tattoo artist so we could have those lyrics etched onto our skin forever.

But one woman on TikTok has admitted she made a massive mistake when she told her tattoo artist what quote she’d like inked onto her ribs – as she managed to get the words wrong to her favourite ABBA hit.

Sophie Croft wanted to have a key lyric from the 1981 hit Slipping Through My Fingers tattooed, but her error now means she has the incorrect words to the song, the Daily Star reports.

Sophie was shocked when she realised her mistake



She got the wrong lyrics tattooed by accident



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Instead of reading “I let precious time go by”, Sophie got the line confused with the title of the song, so her tattoo now reads “I let precious time slip by”.

Posting a video on her @sophiecroftt account, the red-faced woman said: “Not me realising I got the wrong lyrics tattooed.”

Sophie played the version of the song featured in Mamma Mia! over the top of her video to prove her mistake as she then showed a picture of her tattoo with the wrong lyrics.

The woman accompanied the video with the caption: “Got the wrong word tatted on me. Never getting another tattoo in my life.”

Commenters on the clip – which has over 71,000 likes – tried to cheer Sophie up after her blunder, as many of them told her they preferred her incorrect lyrics, while others said the mistake makes her ink more unique.

One person said: “It’s a good thing because now it’s unique!”

While another added: “Slip sounds better in my opinion.”

“Nah babe, you just combined the title of the song with the lyric, it’s context”, a third wrote.

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