Woman left ‘traumatised’ and covered in bruises after home leg wax goes very wrong

A woman has gone viral after she tried to do a sugar wax on her legs at home but things went very wrong. Now, she has now warned others not to try the same unless you ‘know what you are doing’

@leo.itx on tiktok
The sugar wax didn’t go well

Beauty treatments can be very expensive, so it is understandable that people often try to replicate them at home on the cheap rather than going into a salon.

But a woman has urged others not to try sugar waxing unless you have experience with the technique after her DIY wax went terribly wrong.

Taking to TikTok to try and save others from what she went through, the woman, who posts under the username @leo.itx told how she had been left “traumatised” after trying to wax at home.

In her video, the 22-year-old shared her shocked expression before revealing what had happened to her legs. She then flipped the camera around to show herself covered in cuts and bruises.

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Following the mistake, she used the hashtags on her video to implore others: “Don’t do it.”

She also said viewers should take her video as a “sign to not sugar wax at home if you don’t know what you are doing.”

Thankfully, she was not in pain, though.

Replying to concerned comments, the TikTok user wrote: “ It doesn’t hurt or anything, it’s just aesthetically unpleasant.”

She couldn’t believe the state her legs were in


Her legs are now covered in cuts and bruises


She added that she applied Aloe Vera to her injuries after realising she had been “pulling wrong.”

Sugar waxing, or Sugaring, is a process which dates back nearly 4,000 years ago. It is popular on TikTok, where it is often touted as a less painful alternative to other waxing methods.

It involves creating a gel, before applying it to the desired area to pull hair out from the root.

However, the difficult technique can prove dangerous when not performed correctly, as @leo.itx found out the hard way.

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