Woman keeps ‘smiling’ potato in the freezer for 5 years because it looks ‘friendly’

Lori Bricks has been keeping a ‘friendly’ potato in her freezer for five years after she refused to cook with it because the spud looks as though it’s smiling at her

Lori Winter with Pete the potato next to her freezer
Lori saved the potato in her freezer for five years

A woman has been keeping one potato in her freezer for five years because it looks as though it’s smiling at her.

Lori Bricks refused to chop up the spud when she was making hash browns in 2017 because she thought it was “so friendly looking” that she just had to keep it – so chucked it in her freezer where it’s been living ever since.

The potato features clearly defined eyes, nostrils, and a smiling mouth, and Lori and her husband Michael Bricks have even decided to name the cheery carb ‘Pete’.

And after sparing the spud, Lori and Michael also threw together an impromptu photoshoot, featuring pictures of Pete reclining in a chair, sitting at a dinner table, and watching TV.

The spud now has an ice beard and sprout feet


Kennedy News and Media)

It also has a smiling face with eyes and a mouth


Kennedy News and Media)

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Five years later, 51-year-old Lori recently unearthed Pete from his chilly new home and found the potato is now sporting new additions – including an ice beard and sprout feet.

But Lori, from Parker, Colorado, US, has said she won’t be chucking the spud away any time soon, as she wants to keep Pete for another five years so that she can do another photoshoot that will mark a decade since she found it.

She said: “I found him five years ago in a bag of potatoes from the supermarket. I was pulling them out to make hash browns for breakfast and spotted his little face smiling back at me.

“I couldn’t turn him into a hash brown because he was just so friendly looking. He just made me laugh so hard, I couldn’t throw him away or eat him. I remember thinking it would be a shame to get rid of him.

“I named him Pete because I thought he just looked like a Pete.

“It might have been a couple of glasses of wine later on that evening that inspired me to do the photoshoot. I just thought ‘we’ve got to take some pictures of him’ and I wanted to make them exciting. I had a childhood dollhouse with some cute furniture [and used them].

“I got the idea to freeze him from my sister. She had a cake with a celebrity on it from when she was young and she froze that and took it everywhere we went because she loved that so much. I was like ‘I could freeze him’.”

After remembering Pete was in cold storage last month, Lori decided to throw a second photoshoot in which she gave the potato a tiny stetson and set him up so he looked as though he was fishing in a puddle.

She added: “I wanted to check on him and he’s doing great, he’s still smiling and is still happy.

“He’s got some frosting around the chin – he’s ageing well. He’s also grown some little feet, I think those are sprouts, he looks like he’s got little winklepicker shoes on.

“I took more pictures and then put him back in the freezer, I’ll get him out in five years’ time to mark a decade of him being with us.”

Lori has since shared some photos from the shoot on social media, and has racked up more than 2,000 likes, shares, and comments on her post.

She said: “I didn’t realise how happy he was going to make people. I think everybody needs something silly right now and I think it hit the spot with everyone. People were saying it had made their day and that made me happy.”

And delighted social media users were thrilled by the snaps.

One person said: “Just knowing there are people out in the world who do this makes my heart happy.”

While another added: “This is kinda weird, thank you for this true blessing.”

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