Woman fumes at man’s ‘red flag’ response as she skips date for family emergency

Poppy Adams was forced to reschedule her date with a man she met online because of a family emergency – but his response to the news was an immediate ‘red flag’

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TikToker shares man’s ‘red flag’ response as she skips date

A woman who had to reschedule a date she had planned because of a family emergency has been left baffled after the man she was due to meet decided to joke about her situation.

Poppy Adams explained in a video on TikTok that she was supposed to meet with a man she’d met on the dating app Bumble, but had to cancel plans when she learned that her 10-year-old family dog had passed away.

The death of her beloved pooch meant Poppy had to travel to her parents’ house in Essex when she was supposed to be meeting with her date, so messaged him to let him know she’d have to rain check.

But the man’s response left her, and commenters on TikTok, completely stunned.

Poppy Adams was baffled by her date’s response



She was explaining her family emergency to her date



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Instead of consoling Poppy – who posts under the username @poppyadams92 – over the “really sad and horrible news” she’d received, the man decided to make a joke that many saw as a “red flag” response.

Sharing the text messages between the two of them, Poppy said: “Explaining to my Bumble date that we might have to rearrange as my 10-year-old family dog had died.”

And in her message to the bloke, she explained: “I had some really sad and horrible news today which means I might be going home to my parents’ house in Essex on Tuesday.”

The man then responded: “Oh no … family grievance?”

Poppy told her date her dog had died



Her date chose to make a joke about her situation



Poppy – who also posts on Instagram under the username @poppyadams – then told him it was her “doggy” that had passed away, to which the man jokingly replied: “Plenty more dogs in the sea.”

Commenters on the video, which has over 361,000 views, were baffled by the man’s joke, with many of them saying it would be enough to ditch him if they were in Poppy’s shoes.

One person said: “There are plenty more men in the sea too. Block [him]!”

While another added: “Red flag! The good ones would understand the loss of a family pet.”

And a third said: “Oh hell no, I’d choose my dogs over a man any day.”

Some commenters admitted they could see the funny side of the joke, and others reasoned that the man might have just been trying to lighten the mood – even if his attempt wasn’t the best.

Someone noted: “Maybe he’s trying to be lighthearted? Badly, but maybe?”

In the caption of her video, Poppy admitted she actually “still met” with the man at a later date, but did not explain how their date went.

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