Woman finds ex’s note with measurements for her coffin

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A woman who split from her abusive partner found a disturbing note among his belongings that showed a drawing of her coffin.

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The woman shared the creepy Post-It online, which included notes of what appear to be her dimensions to go with the sketch of a coffin.

What’s even more chilling is the title of the note: “vacation plans” — complete with a smiley face.

“I left my abusive partner and found this post-it note in his tool box that details his plans for a coffin that he labels ‘vacation plans,’” the woman, who goes by Studiousderelict, captioned her post on Reddit.

“It matches my measurements.”

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The dimensions even go so far as to specify different panels with very specific measurements for all in what would presumably be a homemade coffin.

Some people commented that the dimensions were way off for a human woman, while others joked that her abusive ex’s carpentry skills needed a tune-up.

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“The good news is this design plan is complete nonsense, and judging by the drawing and measurements I’d say the guy couldn’t build a birdhouse let alone a coffin,” wrote one person. “What would be really terrifying is if the guy enrolled in a carpentry course.”

A second person commented, “Dodged a bullet. Or in this case a nail in the coffin.”

The consensus of the post, shared on the “oddly terrifying” board, was that the note was “straight up terrifying” and if she hasn’t gone to the police, to do so as soon as possible.

“I sincerely hope you’ve taken all precautions to ensure he doesn’t find you.”

The woman did not update the post on whether she reported her ex and the note to law enforcement.

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