Woman finds ‘drug money’ hidden in second-hand shoes she bought online

A woman has found herself torn after finding ‘drug money’ stashed in a ‘crack’ on the bottom of a pair of second-hand shoes – and now she doesn’t know what to do with it

Wads of money
TikTok user Malaika found wads of cash in a pair of second-hand shoes

A woman has found herself torn after finding ‘ drug money ‘ hidden inside a pair of second-hand shoes online – as she doesn’t know if she should keep it or not.

TikTok user Malaika shared the find with her followers on social media and said she’d bought a pair of fluffy boots online and noticed a crack on the sole of the left shoe.

When she investigated further, she found there was an envelope inside the recessed area, and inside that, there was a wad of £20 notes.

Soon people began commenting on her video and said that she had a ‘free pass’ encouraging Malaika to keep the money for herself.

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Malaika, who shares on TikTok as @laika0123, wrote: “Just found a stash of cash hidden in the shoes I bought on Depop in a crack at the bottom.”

Her clip soon had over 600,000 views alongside droves of comments and likes.

Several users commented: “Free pass.”

And at least too said she should “claim” the money with “positive energy”.

Another asked: “Bro what was money doing in there in the first place?”

And Malaika replied: “Don’t ask me.”

Another user added:”That kinda screams drug money to me.”

To which Malaika said: “It’s not, there was writing on the envelope.”

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