Woman ‘dumbfounded’ as husband admits to cheating with vile comment about body

A woman has been left furious and ‘dumbfounded’ after her husband admitted to cheating on her – and used a vile comment about her body image to justify his actions

Upset woman ignoring her husband
The woman is furious at her husband’s comments (stock photo)

Cheating on your partner is almost never okay, but some people who get caught in the act will try to come up with their own justifications for why they were unfaithful.

And one woman on Reddit has shared the nasty reason her husband gave for cheating on her multiple times throughout their marriage, as he told her that “of course” he slept with another woman – because his wife is “fat”.

The woman was left “in shock” and “dumbfounded” by her husband’s comments, especially because she was overweight when she met him, married him, and had a daughter with him, so her body shouldn’t have come as a surprise to him.

She also claimed her husband had been “talking to other girls” while they were engaged, and although they had a brief break after getting married, they had reconciled before the most recent incident.

She is now filing for divorce (stock photo)


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In her post, the woman – who referred to herself as “fat” throughout – said: “When I met and married my husband I was fat. I’m still fat. When we married I was so in love with him then when I was pregnant I found out he was talking to other girls while I was engaged to him.

“I wanted to leave but stayed for our baby. Fast forward three years and he’s had instances where I caught him talking to other women. I left him and we reconciled.

“It’s been two years since I caught him talking to anyone or cheating. I thought we have moved past it, but then today we fought and he told me, ‘Of course I cheated, you are fat’.

“I was just in shock. Like, I was fat when you met me, asked me to marry you, and impregnated me.

“I would never treat anyone so bad just because of their looks. He’s no prize physically, believe me. I just am dumbfounded.”

The woman also shared that she’s now pursuing a divorce, as she doesn’t think their relationship is “worth” fighting for if her husband has no intention of loving her for who she is.

She added: “I am divorcing him. I should have left the first time but I didn’t want my daughter not to have a father like I didn’t. But it’s not worth it. I just don’t understand why. Why date and marry the fat girl just to cheat because she is fat? It makes no sense.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were quick to rally around the woman and assured her that her husband’s decision to cheat had nothing to do with her body and was instead a result of his own choices.

One person said: “He didn’t cheat because you’re fat. He cheated because he is slime. He’s blaming your weight because it’s one final kick he can give you on the way out. Try really hard to not let that get to you, or he wins.”

While another added: “I think he’s just trying to justify his terrible decisions by trying to make it your fault. So he doesn’t have to take responsibility or feel guilty.

“I think it’s not about you, it was just the most convenient excuse he could think of at the time.”

And a third wrote: “It seems like you have a pretty good handle on things. It sucks for sure. Hope things turn out well.”

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