Woman calls herself a ‘bad mum’ after unknowingly giving kids vodka-laced water

A mum has been left mortified after she unknowingly gave her children water with drops of vodka in it for two days – thanks to an ice tray disaster in her freezer

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Mum realises she accidentally gave children vodka-water

A woman has jokingly branded herself a “bad mum” after she realised she’d unknowingly given her children water that contained traces of vodka for two days.

Trish Nicole, who is from the US, shared a video on TikTok in which she explained she has a large water jug that she fills with ice and water every single day so that she and her children can drink it to stay hydrated.

But recently, the mum had noticed that the water tasted much better than usual and had a “sweet” taste to it – but she couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

In her video, she said: “All of you Karens, do not come for me. Bad mum chronicles, book one, chapter one, here we go.

The mum fills her jug with ice and water every day


She couldn’t believe where the bizarre taste in her water had come from


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“See this [jug]? I fill it up every day. Ice water. I drink it every day. All of it.

“The past two days it’s had this weird crazy aftertaste, but it’s been really good. It’s tasted kind of sweet, and I’ve been like ‘what’s wrong with my water?’

“I use a filter, so why does my water taste so sweet?”

When she still couldn’t get to the bottom of her weird water, Trish Nicole – who posts under the username @trishnicole92091 – washed out her jug and filled it up again, only to discover that the taste was still there.

She added: “I washed it, filled it up with my ice and my water, lo and behold it still tastes sweet. Even my kids were like, ‘mum this water is delicious, what’s in it?’ Hell if I know!”

But Trish Nicole soon realised what had happened when she went to inspect her freezer – and was left mortified by the discovery.

The mum had been keeping a bottle of whipped cream flavour vodka in the freezer, which had leaked down into her ice tray, meaning the ice she filled her water bottle up with had trace amounts of vodka in it.

She explained: “My vodka. My whipped vodka had been leaking from the top into my ice tray.

“I’m a bad mum.”

Commenters on the video were able to see the funny side of the situation, with many of them joking they’d be paying a visit to Trish Nicole to try out her water for themselves.

One person said: “Can I fill up my water at your house? It would make work so much better.”

While another added: “Maybe I’d actually drink water that way.”

And a third wrote: “My ice machine isn’t broken or anything, but can I come and use yours? Ya know … to check the quality difference.”

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