Woman branded ‘selfish’ by her family for not contributing £800 to sister’s wedding

A woman has been criticised by her family for not wanting to contribute to her sister’s upcoming wedding – with the bride-to-be now hinting at uninviting the recent graduate

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Her family expect her to help pay for her sister’s wedding (stock photo)

A wedding day is meant to be a special moment in a couple’s life, as well as being a celebration of love and two families coming together.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the way it works out and far bigger rifts can sometimes be caused in the lead-up to the big day.

A 23-year-old woman, who had recently graduated, has shared her story on Reddit claiming she was told she was ‘selfish’ for not contributing money towards her sister’s big day.

She wrote: “My sister (28) is getting married, and my parents are asking me (23) to contribute to the cost of her wedding. ($1,000 – £803).

“I am a college graduate student, single, live on my own. If worked “very hard” through college and have a decent income while being a student, but I don’t sleep in a mattress made of cash.

They wanted her to give over £800 (stock photo)


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“My sister has decided to have a very expensive wedding, and she and her fiance currently have my parents, his parents, my grandparents, and at least some of his siblings contributing cash, upfront, to pay for a wedding.

“I personally feel like there are few things more pointless than having an extravagant wedding that you cannot afford. If they want to have this sort of event, they can wait, and get married later when they could have a better chance of affording it.”

While many would be understanding about a graduate not being able to contribute a large sum towards a wedding, the poster’s family were unhappy about her refusal.

The post continues: “In response to my not wanting to buy a wedding, my parents have called me selfish, said they expected more (Haha, clearly), etc. My sister has hinted at uninviting me (fine, if I was invited just to bankroll the event, I don’t want to go).”

She later clarified why she was concerned she may be in the wrong, writing: “I decided I would not be contributing to paying for my sister’s wedding. I am worried this makes me an a*****e as she is family, and I do want her to be happy.

“I feel that this decision is at least partly due to the fact that I feel expensive weddings are a waste of money. My sister has become very upset when I told her I won’t be paying, despite my parents’ efforts to pressure me, and has threatened to uninvited me from the wedding, saying I don’t care about her happiness and that everyone else was more than happy to contribute.”

The post, which has racked up over 100 comments, left people frustrated with the bride-to-be.

Someone replied: “I, too, wanted a lavish wedding that I couldn’t afford. So instead I had a small, intimate wedding that I could afford. Because that’s what grownups do- accept their realities and don’t try to guilt-trip siblings into paying for their stuff.”

Another said: “If your sister has to beg for money for people to get married she probably shouldn’t be getting married. I most definitely would not contribute and would be fine not being invited. I’d actually prefer it that way you don’t have to spend money on selfish penniless people.”

“Sounds like she wants a wedding instead of a marriage. You can skip this one and go to her next,” a commenter joked.

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