Woman bemused after boarding plane only to find out that her seat ‘no longer exists’

A woman has claimed she boarded a plane and found the row where she was supposed to be seated only to discover the seat no longer existed. Instead, she found a sign showing where she believes it used to be

Daisy on the plane
She claims she didn’t have a proper seat on the plane

Flying can be a stressful experience at the best of times, with passengers often having to battle queues, security, and long wait times all before making it to their seat on the plane.

But one woman faced a more stressful experience than most recently when she allegedly boarded a plane and discovered her seat did not exist.

The unlucky passenger made her way toward a row at the back of the plane, before discovering they stopped one before the number she was supposed to be seated in.

Sharing her stressful experience on TikTok, Daisy Barr wrote: “When you’re row 26 But row 26 doesn’t exist anymore.”

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In the viral video, Daisy films a sign on the plane indicating there should be three seats in the row, before panning across to an empty space, where a woman sits on the floor.

On the other side of the aisle stand more women, looking equally bemused.





Daisy also claimed that neither herself nor the group she was travelling with were offered help. Thankfully, they were still able to make their journey.

She commented: “We obviously didn’t stand up during the flight. We just went and found some empty seats, and no on helped us, luckily there were some.”

Her video shared to @daisybarr1 has racked up 1.2m views in the day since it was posted, with several viewers shocked by the group’s experience.

One person wrote: “The fact that how many people from the airline would have seen your seat number and they still let you on the plane.”

Another joked: “It’s cause you didn’t buy the extra delivery and assembly when you booked the seat!”

Several people also commented that they had faced the same problem when flying.

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