Why Binley Mega Chippy is so popular as owner says it’s a ‘gift from God’

Binley Mega Chippy has become a TikTok sensation – here’s what we know about the chip shop’s rise in popularity as the owner says it’s a “gift” from his mother-in-law

Customers queuing outside Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry.
People have been travelling from all around the world to visit Binley Mega Chippy

The people of Coventry have been left baffled as a local chip shop has become a global sensation.

Binley Mega Chippy has become an unlikely tourist destination after going viral on TikTok.

Now, thousands of people are flocking to the chip shop from all over the world.

So far, customers have travelled from Australia, the US and Portugal to get a taste of the chippy’s famous grub.

The chip shop’s massive and sudden rise in popularity has many wondering exactly why it’s so popular, and the owner thinks “it might be God”.

Here’s everything you need to know about Binley Mega Chippy and its rise to fame.

Why did Binley Mega Chippy go viral?

The chippy has had queues out the door since going viral



Like with many TikTok trends, the exact origin of the Binley Mega Chippy frenzy is unknown.

But things really started to kick off when someone posted a video of a simple slideshow of pictures of the takeaway, set to someone singing “Binley Mega Chippy” to the tune of For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”.

The catchy song caught on quickly with TikTok users and now over 9,000 videos have been made using the sound.

Since then, some of the biggest food accounts on TikTok have been to the takeaway to see what all the fuss is about, and there are now thousands of videos from people documenting their trips to the Mega Chippy.

Why is Binley Mega Chippy so popular?

Owner Kamal Gandhi was confused when more and more customers started turning up



After going viral, Binley Mega Chippy has continued to draw in the crowds.

The shop has seen massive lines every day as people travel far and wide to get there.

Shop owner Kamal Gandhi has said he has “no idea” why the shop was catapulted to fame, but claimed it could be because of his mother-in-law’s prayers.

Speaking to Coventry Live about why the takeaway is so popular, Kamal said: “No idea. It might be God.

“I think actually it is a gift from my mother-in-law, when I bought the shop she prayed that it would be successful.”

Kamal, 70, doesn’t even know who’s behind the viral song in honour of his chippy, adding: “I have no idea who made it, or who the made the song. I actually have no idea.”

Gandhi thinks that the novelty might wear off, but at the moment they’re still being kept busy by increasing numbers of customers.

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