Wetherspoons worker shares what she wishes she could say to customers

A Wetherspoons worker has taken to TikTok to explain one of the annoyances she regularly faces at work and what she wishes she could say to troublesome customers

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Wetherspoons jokes about delivering shots to a table of four

A Wetherspoons worker has shared what it’s like to work at the pub chain – and what she wishes she could say to troublesome customers.

Flora took to TikTok to vent her frustration after a group of customers ordered a whopping 20 shots between just four of them.

She said that after drinking them, one member of the group then began gagging into a pint glass as she watched on from the head of the table.

Flora, who uploads to TikTok as @flora.21, said that she wishes she could say to such customers ‘we think you’ve had enough’, and soon people were commenting on the video in droves.

Flora had some frustrations to vent


@flora.21 / TikTok)

TikTok user Flora is sometimes left with her head in her hands


@flora.21 / TikTok)

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Soon Flora’s clip had over 600,000 views on TikTok and over a hundred comments.

One user said: “I’m sorry but they are me. I can only apologise.”

Then another wrote: “I just saw a girl’s TikTok of her doing this.”

And a third added: “Is it bad that I knew this post was about spoons?”

But soon another follower had a serious question, and asked: “Aren’t there like, laws to stop restaurants or bars from over serving guests? (In regards to alcohol).”

And Flora replied: “It’s actually illegal to be drunk in a pub.”

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