Wellness expert ‘keeps it real’ as she shares truths behind ‘perfect’ snaps

Audra Baker explained how some of the influencers looked so perfect in pictures all the time as she showed it can be achieved by staging and angles

TikTok star Audra
TikTok star Audra said she was just ‘keeping it real’

A wellness expert has taken to TikTok to share the truth about ‘perfect’ social media snaps – revealing how she looked just moments before and after the picture was taken.

Audra Baker is an emotional eating expert and has gone viral online after sharing the sought-after information, as the Daily Star reports.

She said she was “keeping it real” for her followers as she showed the hacks, and in her video, she puts on a sporty outfit and slightly pulls down her yoga pant to show her tummy.

She wanted to highlight that while some influencers look like the image of perfection in their snaps, in reality, they look human just like the rest of us.

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Audra says: “So these influencers you follow, you don’t think they look like this sometimes or maybe even all the time except when they are showing off?

“Yes they do, it’s called staging and angles.”

She then starts adjusting her clothes and explains: “Look, anybody can buy a cute outfit — make them look cute.

“Pop their boobs up, turn to the side, make an angle…there it is, and suck it in.

Audra shared the pose for the perfect snap


She shared the reality, too


“Listen it’s fine if you want to follow people who try to look perfect all the times, but try to also follow people who are keeping it real.”

Viewers praised Audra for showing the reality behind the Instagram and TikTok “filters” and appreciated her effort to explain to the younger generations.

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One wrote: “I’m tired of seeing 20-year-olds giving fitness advice when at 20, most can eat and not exercise and still be thin and fit.”

“Finally a real woman who tells all!” a second penned and a third shared: “I’m 5ft…it’s all angles. People think I’m taller, nope, I’m short so angles are everything!”

“Definitely need more of this truth!” a fourth added.

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