Wedding snap makes people’s brains ‘feel uncomfortable’ as they can’t work it out

An optical illusion which shows a groom lifting his new bride in the air has gone viral, as people just can’t work out what’s going on or where exactly her legs are positioned

Optical illusion of bride and groom on their wedding day
The bride just couldn’t see it, even after ten minutes of looking at the pic

An optical illusion that shows a happy pair of newlyweds has left people scratching their heads with confusion.

The picture in question shows a delighted groom lifting a smiling bride aloft, but has proven to be more puzzling than romantic.

As previously reported by Bored Panda , those who’ve seen it have struggled to work out exactly where the bride’s legs actually are, with many wrongly believing they are hooked over the groom’s shoulders.

In actual fact, the colour of the groom’s white dress shirt – which perfectly matches the gleaming white of the wedding gown – has created some confusion, with the ivory shirt sleeves resembling legs if looked at from one perspective.

The groom’s sleeves are the exact same colour as the dress



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The illusion was originally shared a few years back by the bride’s brother-in-law but has recently gone viral again, with people just as perplexed now as they were the first time around.

Taking to Reddit at the time, the brother-in-law – who goes by the username u/camhanson – shared the pic, explaining: “For the past 10 minutes I’ve been trying to explain to my sister-in-law that it looks like her legs are over her husband’s shoulders. She doesn’t see it.”

The groom is in fact wrapping the bride’s thighs around his white sleeved arms, which give the appearance of legs. It doesn’t help matters that the dark curve of his trousers somewhat resembles a pair of shoes at first glimpse.

One amazed person wrote: “Not understanding why her dress was draped over his shoulder (obviously not the case now) was making me incredibly uncomfortable. My brain feels better now.”

Another gasped: “I had trouble figuring out how it was not her legs over his shoulders. Took a good ten-second stare to realise his arm blends in almost perfectly.”

A third joked: “It looks like she’s blasting off into space and taking him with her (how sweet).”

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