Wedding photographer mortified after accidentally turning bride into ‘demon’

A wedding photographer was left fed-faced as they almost ruined a couple’s photos following the big day after she accidentally transformed the bride into a ‘demon’ with two mouths

Julia and Brett on their wedding day
Julia and Brett on their wedding day

After splashing lots of cash on hair and make-up, a fabulous dress and a professional photographer, many couples will expect their wedding pictures to look incredible.

But after receiving a few preview photos, one bride was left in stitches over her appearance.

Newlywed Julia Oliver quickly sent an email back to snapper Tanya Volt, after she noticed that she had been transformed from blushing bride into a “demon” in the images.

After a long day of wedding festivities, exhausted Tanya looked over the photos and thought she’d only made some subtle colour-correction edits before she fired them off to the happy couple.

It was only when her client emailed that the 30-year-old realised she’d actually given Julia a second mouth in one image, with a set of teeth peeping out of her chin – which looked very bizarre.

The bride ended up with two mouths


Kennedy News / Tanya Volt)

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The wedding between Julia and hubby Brett Oliver took place in Perth, Australia in March 2018 as part of a small intimate backyard ceremony.

But the hilarious images have recently resurfaced online and although Tanya was mortified at the time, she says it’s taught her a valuable lesson – to check her work more thoroughly before sending snaps out to clients.

Tanya, from Sydney, Australia, said: “This was a back garden wedding, it was quite sweet.

“This was by the beach in Perth. They kept it really intimate with their family, they had beautiful vows, it was a really beautiful day.

“I was using Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos. I was editing multiple photos at once and I synced edits across to send the bride and groom a preview.

“I wanted to sync the colour corrections to bring out the yellows of the sunset.”

Tanya was mortified


Kennedy News / Tanya Volt)

The photos went viral


Kennedy News / Tanya Volt)

She continued to explain: “What I would normally do is I would uncheck the box that says ‘spot removal’ so edits wouldn’t be synced up over all the other photos.

“I was really tired. Wedding photographers work a really long day and I was just wanting to give them some sneak peeks at the end of the night.

“But maybe I should have slept, gotten up, had a coffee and sent them over in the morning as I would have been more awake.

“I didn’t properly check the photo and sent it over. I got a response from the bride saying ‘Love the photos! By the way, I think you might have made an editing slip-up – I’ve got a few extra mouths.’

“There were laughing emojis too so she found it funny.

“When I saw the extra mouth, the only thing it reminded me of was perhaps a demon or maybe a Xenomorph from Alien, with its extra mouth.”

Although she was humiliated, Tanya has since learned to laugh at the mishap.

She added: “I was very embarrassed, I was cringing.

“Looking back at it, it’s not as bad as I remember it. I think I’d been cringing so hard I imagined a few more mouths on her.

“She had a good laugh at it, and it was very easy to fix. They got their gallery back with all the anatomically correct number of body parts.

“From then on, I’ve been double-checking photos so I won’t do that again.”

Bride Julia, now 30, says her and Brett, 42, found the blunder ‘hilarious’ when they first saw it.

Julia said: “At first I thought I just thought ‘there’s something not quite right about this photo’ and then I saw it, my smile on my chin.

“It was hilarious. I had a good chuckle with my husband and politely asked Tanya if there was any way to fix it.

“Of course she did and sent the photos back straight away with my second smile removed.”

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