Vegan activist says topless stunts and OnlyFans makes relationship with boyfriend ‘stronger’

Tash Peterson and Jack Higgs have a unique relationship, as the doting boyfriend has no problem with his partner stripping off in public and insists it’s all for a good cause.

Tash Peterson and Jack Higgs
Tash Peterson and Jack Higgs have a strong bond

A vegan activist says that her topless stunts and OnlyFans work has made her relationship stronger – as her boyfriend films her semi-naked antics.

Tash Peterson and Jack Higgs have a unique relationship, as the doting boyfriend has no problem with his partner stripping off in public and insists it’s all for a good cause.

He’ll even help Tash apply body paint before her raunchy protests and films her message-spreading videos on adult website OnlyFans where she has almost 10,000 followers.

Tash, dubbed the nation’s biggest pest by Western Australian authorities, makes no apologies for her actions – and insists her antics make the pair a stronger couple.

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Speaking to Australian media outlet The Project, Tash said: “I use my body to raise awareness for those who have no bodily autonomy, whether it be topless or close to being nude and I think it works brilliantly to raise awareness for animals.”

Tash said that her OnlyFans work helps her spread her message further, and also boosts her income so she can focus more fully on animal rights activism.

She said: “It’s well known for being a porn platform but I’ve used it as a way to make money to do what I want to do full-time for animal rights.”

She was thankful that her boyfriend supported her work, and insists that he doesn’t have a problem with it.

She’s been called a nuisance


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She added: “He doesn’t see it as cheating and supports me for doing what I want to do with my body.”

Speaking during the episode, Jack, who is also a vegan, added: “Seeing Tash half-naked or even fully naked with lingerie on in public I can imagine would be difficult for some boyfriends.

“However, I found it quite strengthening for our relationship. At the start, it might have been a little bit weird. We were unsure about it but we realised there is nothing wrong with it.”

“It is an expression of Tash’s body and she uses it confidently so I admire that.

“There’s a lot of public backlash so I want to be there for that, but Tash is a strong person and she wants me to stand back and capture everything.

Jack says some men might find Tash’s activism a bit challenging


“I want to be there exposing everything what’s going on because this kind of public backlash is the thing we want to be exposing as well.”

Despite bearing all in public, Tash said that she wasn’t always so confident and it was only through fighting for animals rights that she found her voice.

She added: “People think I’m loud and outspoken because I’m an activist, but the real me and the me as a child was very quiet and shy.

“I wanted to be with animals and I didn’t care for being around other humans. I’ve been called every name under the sun from a w**** to s**t and s***k.

Jack helped with Tash’s body paint


“I was told to kill myself. I’ve actually had direct threats from people who said they were going to come to my house and rape and murder me.”

Despite the animosity, Tash continues to spread her message and has received several fines from police for being semi-nude in public.

Last year she paraded topless through a Louis Vuitton store smeared with her own menstrual blood and was fined £2,858 ($3,500) by magistrates in Perth.

She’s also dressed as a cow to demonstrate in supermarkets, invaded the pitch at a sports game, and screamed at people outside a KFC.

Previously, Tash spoke out about the vile death and rape threats that she had received.

She said she receives this level of abuse online on a near daily basis. One of the messages from a man read ” You should try catching a moving bullet you stupid c***”.

Another read: “Walk out in front of a moving train you ugly piece of s***.” Other rape messages were too graphic to reprint.

One picture she posted showing the abuse was captioned: “There have been a few occasions where I’ve literally feared for my life, terrified to come home because I’d received a message from a man telling me that he was coming to rape and murder me.

“Most of these sick messages come from insecure men, but also some women as well. Calling me a s**t, skank, whore, disgusting, etc.”

Ms Peterson said she had been to the police a number of times to report death threats but said nothing was done and that their inaction was “shameful”.

She continued: “People are going to respond to this saying that I’m getting what I deserve, a taste of my own medicine.

“The truth is that I have NEVER called anyone derogatory names, threatened someone or abused someone. I am a non violent activist trying to stop violence, rape, abuse, torture, enslavement and murder of non-human animals in animal agriculture.”

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