Two hikers claim they’ve spotted scary Bigfoot creature while walking in woods

The hikers claim they caught the Bigfoot beast on camera while on an expedition through the snowy Salt Fork State Park in Ohio, in the US – but critics have suggested the footage is fake

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Two hikers say they ‘spotted scary BIGFOOT creature’ in the woods

A pair of hikers have shared their belief they stumbled across the legendary Bigfoot monster while on a walk through a forest.

After hearing strange noises out in the woods, the two local men claim they managed to film a huge hairy creature as it stepped among the trees in a snow shower, in Ohio, in the US.

Posting their video on YouTube, they were convinced they had found evidence that the Bigfoot, also known as the Sasquatch or Ohio Grassman, really exists.

The latest footage of the strange mythical beast, captured earlier this year, has been slammed as fake by doubters, but the hikers are adamant that this was the real deal.

The outline of a strange creature seen through the trees


We Do It Outdoors /Youtube)

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On screen they explain how they discovered hair and bones, probably from several deer, in piles of leaves in the woods.

“Looks like they’re ripped apart pretty good,” says one in a whisper, as a howling noise was heard in the distance.

They used a drone to pinpoint where the sound was coming from and followed the trail.

Their snowy footage follows a creature that looks a bit like a very upright ape, as it moves through the wood, then zooms in on its back as it lurks behind a nearby tree.

A stock image of the fabled Bigfoot in the forest


Getty Images)

“Look at it, it’s not a person, you can see all the hair. His hair is grey and black,” remarks one of the men.

After that they lose sight of their quarry and try searching up at the famous Bigfoot Ridge, but admit defeat.

“So I guess the ultimate question is: was this the Ohio Grassman, was this Bigfoot, or was this something completely different?” they ask.

The story of Bigfoot has long been celebrated in the area and people travel to Salt Fork State Park from all over the world for the chance to try and catch a glimpse of it.

A Bigfoot caught on camera on another occasion



Since the mid-1980s there have been at least three dozen sightings in the park, but the first reported discovery was back in 1811.

British explorer David Thompson found huge footprints that suggested a species thought to be extinct could be wandering in the wilds.

At the Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Centre near the location of the recent video, regular conferences and events are held in honour of the fabled beast, even though there’s little real proof of its existence.

Previous witness accounts describe the mythical creature as between 6ft and 15ft tall with footprints up to 2ft long and 8in wide, giving off an unpleasant smell and making high-pitched squealing noises.

Most reported sightings have been in the North West of the US and western Canada, but its description bears a strong resemblance to the Yeti or Abominable Snowman reported in the Himalayas and the Siberian Almas.

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