Travel expert shares ‘luxury’ armrest benefit you get by sitting in middle seat on plane

Being sat in the middle seat can often be seen as drawing the short straw, but there’s actually an important etiquette around getting the middle seat, and we think you’ll like it

There is a benefit to sitting in the middle seat of an airplane (stock photo)

Nobody in their right mind would actively choose to sit in the middle seat on an airplane, and it’s really not difficult to see why.

It’s just generally annoying, you can’t see the view properly, and you can’t get to the loo easily – plus, you have to somehow contort your legs into an impossible position when your window seat pal wants to stretch theirs.

You feel like by holding a book, or an iPad, you’re taking up too much space, and there’s the awkward conversation when you need the loo and have to ask your aisle seatmate to please excuse you…twice, which can make even the most confident people squirm.

And, if you’re really unlucky, you might even end up with one, or two of your fellow passengers using you as their personal pillow. Yikes.

There are benefits to having the middle seat on a plane

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But if you’re flying and haven’t reserved a seat, a middle seat could well be in your future.

Having said all this, there is one huge unexpected plus side to drawing the short seating straw, and it’s to do with the armrest situation.

While a Twitter poll carried out by Rich Eisen Show showed the majority of people think the person in the middle seat does not get to use both armrests, this is not the case.

According to dealchecker’s Travel Expert, Rosie Panter, the etiquette should be to allow them to have both armrests – it’s only fair when they’re compromising in so many other areas.

She told Cosmopolitan : “It’s universally accepted that the middle seat passenger has drawn the short straw, so they should get the luxury of both armrests. Why you ask?

“The aisle seat passenger has the freedom to stretch their legs and get up and down as and when they please, while the window seat passenger has the luxury of looking out of the window, or curling up to rest their head on the side of the plane to enjoy some shut-eye, without the risk of passengers needing to clamber over them while they sleep.

“However, the middle passenger is limited by both space and places to rest their head. Therefore, the two-armrest debate should be an established plane rule.”

We’re sure that people travelling to their destination in the middle seat would call that case closed, but the other passengers would probably have something to say about that.

But, for the middle seaters, the case is certainly closed – we say enjoy your double armrest situation!

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