Tipsy woman’s epic fall after ‘quick lunch’ turned into six-hour cocktail binge

A husband shared a hilarious clip of his wife making an epic fall after a ‘quick lunch’ with her friends turned into a six-hour affair where several cocktails were downed

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Drunk woman stumbles past front door then falls to the ground

This hilarious clip shows the moment a tipsy woman struggles to stand and takes a running fall when trying to unlock her front door after a ‘quick lunch’ with pals.

CCTV footage of the amusing incident has been shared on TikTok and it shows the woman getting out of the car and walking towards her house.

But she’s using the rear of the car to keep herself upright, and as soon as she’s past it she can be seen struggling to keep her balance.

Things go downhill from there as she leans more and more to the right, and soon the momentum gets to her and she falls over after running in an arc – ending up almost as far from the door as when she first stepped out of the car.

She got out the door on the rear of the right hand side



She impressively managed to do a complete arc around the car



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The woman’s husband shared the clip on social media and revealed her ‘quick lunch’ had turned into a six-hour affair where they all drank cocktails.

He wrote: “The wife came home after lunch with friends… six hours on the cocktails… but will she make it through the front door…”

The video went viral and now has more than a million likes, and viewers rushed to the comments to share their thoughts.

One said: “She thought she was going around the magic roundabout.”

Another wrote: “Bottomless brunch has claimed another.”

And a third wrote: “Can I get an invitation next time?”

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Meanwhile, a ‘drunk’ man got himself into a bit of a squeeze when he fell down a hole between a house and a pavement.

The middle-aged man reportedly had one too many before slipping down a ditch and into the crevice, according to China’s CCTV news service.

Firefighters had to be called as the man became stuck fast several feet below the surface.

And rescuers were forced to secured themselves with rope before hoisting the man out.

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