Sweet cat becomes mother to puppies after losing all her own kittens

After Medina’s kittens tragically passed away at birth, she developed an unbreakable bond with her owner’s puppies and now sleeps in their dog bed every single night

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Cat cares for puppies after she loses all her own kittens

An adorable cat has taken on a mothering role with new puppies after she heartbreakingly lost her own kittens.

The video capturing their touching bond has gone viral on TikTok, with more than one million people viewing it.

Chanelle, from Melbourne, Australia, posted the clip of her charcoal Bengal named Medina dotting over a litter of cavoodle puppies.

In the TikTok, Chanelle explains that Medina tragically lost all of her kittens on March 24, and at the same time, she started showing an interest in the puppies.

To protect the puppies, she kept Medina away from them for three weeks, but then allowed their close friendship to blossom.

Medina adores the golden pups



She takes it in turns cleaning each one



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Now, Medina sleeps in their dog bed with them every single night and grooms them one by one.

The puppy’s real mother sleeps in Chanelle’s bed and doesn’t seem to mind sharing her parental responsibilities.

TikTok users were smitten with Medina’s motherly instinct and fell in love with the unusual fur family.

One person wrote: “They’re co-parenting” while a second said: “She’s a nanny cat”.

Another TikTok user commented: “She’s taking one for the team and letting mama dog get some good sleep.”

Lots of people were completely distracted by the tiny puppy at the back hilariously “photobombing”.

Its little head could be seen eagerly staring at Medina and the rest of the litter.

It’s the sweetest dysfunctional family



The puppy at the back is everyone’s favourite



“I want the one at the back… you know that pup has middle child syndrome,” one person said.

“That one puppy in the back is a whole mood,” another agreed.

A few people shared their experience with co-parenting a pet.

One user wrote: “We had a dog that used to play nurse mom to the cat’s kittens. The cat would feed them up and leave and the dog would climb in, clean them and cuddle up.”

Another puppy formed an adorable friendship with a trio of rescue kittens.

One-year-old pup Popsy has always got on with cats and kittens, but this bond was like no other.

Fawn, Hera and Ralph, instantly became her best friends and they did everything together, from playing to eating and sleeping.

Owner Catherine Walsh, 60, said: “The kittens just totally fell in love with Popsy, and she fell in love with them too!”

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