Renovation surprise: Man finds 60 year-old bag of McDonald’s inside wall

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We’ve heard about people finding McDonald’s items that are a few years old, but this is a new one.

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An Illinois man stumbled upon a bag of food from the fast food juggernaut that dates back six decades.

The man, identified only as Rob, found the 60 year-old bag of McDonalds “wrapped up in an old rag” and it even had a few french fries still in the box, Rob said on a Reddit post.

He said the bag was “stuck in the original plaster behind and old toilet paper holder.”

Rob also commented that he lives “close to one of the original locations in Crystal Lake, Ill.,” that opened in way back in 1959, according to BroBible.

“Our house was built in 1959 and pretty sure these have been there since. Still perfectly crispy,” he said.

Some commenters encouraged Rob to sell the bag, thinking he could get a hefty sum for it.

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