Plus-sized woman ‘fat-shamed’ at yoga class – despite being an instructor

Tiffany Croww, from the US, claims she was stopped before walking into an advanced yoga class and told it might be “difficult” for her – even though she’s been practising yoga for 17 years

Tiffany re-enacted the embarrassing interaction in a video

A yoga teacher who has been practising for nearly two decades has claimed she was “fat-shamed” when she tried to go to a class.

Tiffany Croww, from the US, recreated an “infuriating” conversation she had with a receptionist at a yoga studio after she tried to attend an advanced class.

The teacher, who has been practising yoga for 17 years, claims she was stopped as she tried to check into the class as the receptionist questioned why she had signed up for an advanced class.

Tiffany claims the receptionist told her she wasn’t sure she’d be able to keep up with others in the class because she had a “larger” body.

She alleged the woman said: “You do realise this is a more advanced class?”

She claims the yoga receptionist and teacher were rude to her



Tiffany said she’s sick of seeing people assume plus-sized women can’t exercise



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The yogi then told her she’d been teaching yoga herself to other people for 17 years.

“We just don’t see very many people with a larger body like yours, so just keep in mind if it gets too hard you can just rest in child’s pose,” the receptionist allegedly replied.

Then she said Tiffany could check into the easier class an hour later in case the advanced session was “too difficult” for her.

After she felt insulted by the receptionist’s remarks, Tiffany went to speak to the teacher before the class and claims she was “fat-shamed” once more.

Tiffany claimed she said: “I think she was implying that my body was a little bit bigger than what she normally sees in this class.”

She alleged the teacher replied: “She is correct, you do have a larger body than what we normally see and this class is of a higher intensity.”

Reflecting on the confrontation, Tiffany said she was sick of seeing women with plus-sized bodies being shamed over exercise.

“I know my body better than anybody else so it’s kind of a weird statement for you to assume I can’t do a yoga class because of the shape of my body,” she said.

She added she did, in the end, take the yoga class and managed to keep up just fine – even being praised by the teacher at the end.

But after being humiliated twice before the class began, Tiffany said she wouldn’t go back to the studio.

She also claimed to have given the teacher a few stern words before leaving the studio, reminding her to treat plus-sized people the same as she’d treat anyone else.

After she posted the re-enactment on TikTok and Instagram, people expressed their anger at how Tiffany had been treated.

One person said: “Honestly I would probably cry and never go to a yoga class again…glad people like you exist.”

Another wrote: “I would be infuriated and talk with the owner. Unacceptable!(sic)”

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