People urged to ‘be safe’ after strange object like ‘some sort of nest’ spotted

People in Stourbridge, West Midlands, have been urged to ‘be safe’ after a strange object like ‘some sort of nest’ was spotted hanging in a tree in someone’s garden

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So far, no one has been able to figure out what it is (stock image)

People have been left freaked out after a strange sighting was made – as it resembles ‘some sort of nest’ or maybe a type of bat.

Residents of Stourbridge, West Midlands, have been urged to ‘be safe’ after one local made the bizarre discovery in her own garden, and she’s taken to the internet for advice.

Known only as Emily, the woman took a picture of the item and shared it on social media to see if anyone could say what it was, as Birmingham Live reports.

But unfortunately, no one knew what it was and each guess was more horrifying than the last.

Emily JC was concerned about what was hanging in her tree


Emily JC)

What do you think the item is? Let us know in the comments…

The object appears to be like a sack with a brown colour, and some people on Facebook have suggested it is a bat while others say it is a nest.

Spotted by Facebook user Emily JC, it is currently unclear what it is and people have been left baffled.

Sharing the image online, Emily wrote: “Any idea what this is, Stourbridgians? Hanging from tree in the garden.”

One person said: “Looks like a bat.”

And another wrote: “We think it’s a cat in a bag, you can see its face halfway up inside the bag – its back legs are pushing down in the bag.”

Another woman suggested it was a nest for hornets while a second man suggested it was a “locust” plant. A fourth woman simply said: “Omg that’s horrifying. Please be safe guys.”

After enough suggestions, Emily decided to go and investigate further. Soon she commented: “It’s not a bat guys. It’s some sort of nest.”

Meanwhile, a jogger who stumbled across a bizarre squidgy-looking anomaly during a run in a city turned to the internet for help to identify what it could be.

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Harry Hayes shared an image of the creature online, and it shows a long trunk-like section, a part that looks like a human lung, and what could be an eye.

He said he found it while running through Sydney, Australia, after a storm and said it could have washed up in recent bad weather, as the Daily Star reports.

Harry said that with how 2022 is going so far he wasn’t willing to rule anything out, and said the creature “could very well be alien “.

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