Outraged passenger slams ‘criminal’ price of basic airport breakfast

A man took to Twitter to complain about the price of breakfast at Dublin airport – a meal that consisted of four pieces of toast, two sausages, two cups of tea or coffee, and a bottle of water

Dublin airport
The breakfast was purchased from Dublin airport

Everyone knows that everything you find at the airport is a little more expensive than usual.

Things like phone chargers, gifts and food are often marked slightly higher than ‘street prices’, so it’s best to keep your purse or wallet stowed away in your pocket unless you’re willing to spend a small fortune.

But one man who bought breakfast at Dublin airport was left stunned at the price.

Journalist Kevin Doyle took to Twitter to show his followers the meal, which set him back a total of €18.65 (£15.64), reports Cork Beo.

The breakfast consisted of four slices of toast, two sausages, two cups of tea or coffee, and a bottle of water.

Sharing a picture of the dish, he said: “Dublin Airport has sorted out the security queues – but breakfast is another story. No bacon, no pastries… and €18.65 for this gourmet selection.”

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Kevin’s post racked up more than 4,600 likes and dozens of comments from people who were keen to share their thoughts on the price of the breakfast, with many saying it was “criminally” high.

One person said: “That’s criminal, Jesus wept.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t pay it. The worst airport I have ever been in and I have been in some bad ones believe you me.”

“Why didn’t you throw it back at them?” asked a third user. “This is the problem. People b***h and moan on social media while still buying it. You validate their pricing.”

While someone else said: “Firstly the prices should be visible before you go in and secondly if you were not aware of the prices why didn’t you just say no!

“I am not paying that price. Really annoying when people pay stupid prices for goods and services and they give out about it.”

A few others shared how he could keep the cost down.

One person suggested: “Why didn’t you just tell them keep it, you get 4 or 5 sausages in a deli for €2, so you could have gotten close to 18 sausages for the price”.

While another put: “That’s why we bring our own sandwiches when travelling! Learned this rip of message long ago between the airport and airlines, plus they’re a lot tastier.”

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