Optical illusion that looks like giant lamps for sale is blowing people’s minds

Facebook users have said this image looks like giant lamps for sale in someone’s garden, but once you take a closer look you will realise it is not what it seems

This optical illusion looks like a set of giant lamps for sale in someone's garden
This optical illusion looks like a set of giant lamps for sale in someone’s garden

This bizarre optical illusion is blowing people’s minds as many think it is of giant lamps.

Facebook users have said the image looks like massive lamps for sale in someone’s garden.

But when you look more closely it is clear they are not giant at all. From the angle of the photo, the lamps look like they are sitting on the grass.

However, the photo is taken to make an ordinary set of lamps look massive.

If you look towards the top of the image, you can see the lamps hanging on a wire, but because they are snapped from close-up they look bigger than they are.

The image appears to show a massive crowd at a festival



One user online said: “That’s one of the most convincing illusions I’ve seen in a while Took me long enough to figure out.”

Another said: “I’m at work staring at this like an idiot – just figured it out.”

A third confused viewer added: “I don’t think I would have ever got it, I just accepted they were huge.”

Some online said the rust and chipping around the rim also added to the effect.

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Recently, we highlighted how the camera can make things not appear as they are.

Another biarre optical illusion went viral and at first glance it looks like it was taken straight from the headline set at Coachella or Glastonbury.

When you look at the snap below, can you see the people standing in the crowd? What about the bright lights shining from the stage?

Well, it turns out that you’re not actually looking at a concert at all – it’s just a cotton picker working through a field at night.

In reality, the crowd of people is the field of natural fibre, and the lights and the stage is actually the huge harvester that was simply working the nightshift to pick the field.

Your mind managed to trick you into seeing something entirely different due to how the visual areas of the brain receive and process information.

Your perception was distorted because when your brain and eyes try to communicate, things don’t quite connect straight away and the interpretation of the image becomes confused for something else.

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