New mum’s strict rules for anyone who visits her baby will ‘upset people’

A mum-to-be has shared a series of rules for anyone who wants to visit her baby, but while some are in praise of the rules others say they are too strict and will ‘upset people’

Maisie Crompton
Maisie Crompton has shared a series of strict rules for anyone who visits her new baby

A mum -to-be has left people divided after coming up with a strict list of rules for anyone who wishes to visit her and her baby – as some say they are too strict.

Maisie Crompton, 20, is expecting her first child and to make sure things go smoothly once the baby arrives, she’s come up with a strict list of rules.

From turning up unannounced to kissing the baby, Maisie, an entrepreneur, has banned several things that some people would call normal.

She shared the list on TikTok but left her fans divided, as some said that the rules were too strict and would upset people.

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Maisie, who uploads to TikTok as @maisie_crompton, shared an image of her rules online, and they are as follows.

One – Please don’t kiss the baby.

Two – No unannounced visitors, for first few days we want it just to be us.

Three – Don’t announce our baby has arrived until we do (on social media or in person)

Four – No photos posted of the baby until we do.

Five – Do not come if you’re sick.

Six – Wash your hands before holding them.

Maisie wanted to manage how people interacted with her child



Seven – Do not ask to see the baby if you haven’t checked up on me during the pregnancy.

Eight – If our baby cries please hand them back to me or their dad.

Maisie’s video went viral and soon had nearly 300,000 views, alongside hundreds of comments.

One user said: “You would think number one is obvious.. but people still do it! Winds me up so much.”

Then another wrote: “I only let immediate family see us for the first two weeks postpartum, was the best decision.”

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And a third added: “Thankfully most people just do these things. I had a baby in December and everyone just had the respect we deserved so no enforcement needed.

“My family and friends gave us so much space when our babies were born,” commented another user. “I was actually bored out of my mind and wanted the help/company.”

Then someone wrote: “How will you enforce these rules with family? I feel as though I’m going to upset people.”

And Maisie replied: “I honestly think most people will know, will do this as the basic anyway, but we shall see when it comes to it!”

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