‘My wife wants to give our baby a zodiac name – it won’t even be her star sign’

A man claims to be facing a dilemma after his pregnant wife announced she’d found the perfect baby name to honour her mum – but she was left in tears when he vetoed it

Couple with a baby (Stock Photo)
She wanted to honour her mother with the unusual name – but he thinks there has to be a better way (Stock Photo)

A dad-to-be was left taken aback after learning his pregnant wife wants to call their child ‘ Aquarius ‘ as a way to honour her mother.

Not only is the expectant dad not too keen on Zodiac names, but he also finds it to be a strange choice given that this won’t even be his daughter’s star sign.

The unnamed man claims he and his wife are set to welcome their baby next month, and, if she arrives on time she’ll be a Taurus. If she comes a few days late, she’ll be a Gemini.

Either way, there’s absolutely no chance that she’ll be an Aquarius, with babies of this star sign born in the period between January 20 and February 18.

Unfortunately, his wife didn’t take too kindly to his reservations about this name and now isn’t speaking to him.

The little girl won’t even be an Aquarius (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the dad-to-be explained that they’d been busily thinking up baby names as the due date draws ever closer.

He and his wife have each put together a list of their personal top five choices but have yet to decide on one.

Last night, his wife came over to him with “a huge smile on her face”, telling him that she’d finally thought up the perfect name for their baby girl.

However, the expectant father’s excitement was short-lived after he learned that she wanted to call their baby Aquarius.

The dad-to-be vetoed the name at once (Stock Photo)


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The poster – who goes by the username u/ThrowawayStupidName – wrote: “I asked why Aquarius and my wife said it’s to honour her mother, who is alive and well and is eagerly awaiting our daughter.

“I was just so confused. I refused. It would be one thing to give our daughter a middle name after my mother-in-law/my wife’s mum, but Aquarius just seems too far out of reach.

“I said no to Aquarius, completely vetoed it. Mind you, she’s vetoed some of my name suggestions right off the bat for her own reasons that I respected.”

According to the poster, he was “nice but firm” about the situation, telling his wife that, although he was happy to honour her mum in some way, the name Aquarius was just out of the question.

His wife burst into tears after learning Aquarius was off the table and he says they haven’t spoken since.

He continued: “I thought it was hormones but it’s literally been several days now and she’s still giving me the cold shoulder. To make matters worse, my mother-in-law called me and asked to clear the air.

“I asked what she was talking about, and basically wife told her about what happened but made it sound as if I had an issue with my mother-in-law. Now they’re both mad at me and are acting like it’s some personal issue with me and her mum”.

The confused father-to-be is now wondering whether he has actually done something wrong, but fellow Reddit users have been quick to reassure him that his reaction was completely understandable.

One person wrote: “Parents should agree on a name. Not wanting a particular name doesn’t automatically mean that you hate the person it is supposedly trying to honour. Not sure what is your mother-in-law’s name but there has to be some other way to honour her besides naming the child Aquarius. I agree that it is a rather unusual name and likely to cause said child to be bullied.”

Another said: “Pregnant women are strange when it comes to baby names. Believe me, I went through it twice. I wanted to name my daughter Chloe, but my mother-in-law had a dog named Chloe, I cried for a week.

“There will be no naming of the children after family pets. Give your wife some time and understanding. She’ll come around. Also, I’m really glad my mom vetoed what my dad wanted to name me, Moonbeam Starchild, the 70’s were a weird time.”

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