‘My wife is furious over the way I announced our pregnancy news to her dad’

A man has had a strained relationship with his father-in-law for a while, however, things recently became more heated, leading him to blurt out their pregnancy news in a furious manner

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The wife feels that he ruined a moment she can never get back (Stock Photo)

A man has never seen eye-to-eye with his father-in-law, who he says walked out to be with another woman while his now-wife was still a baby, leaving her mother to raise her alone.

His wife was estranged from her father up until shortly before their wedding, four years back, and ever since then, he’s made his feelings about the marriage crystal clear.

According to the frustrated husband, although he gets on well with his wife’s mother, “her father hates my guts”, and he believes that he’s never before had anybody hate him quite so much.

Unfortunately, the feud between the pair has now had an impact on the man’s marriage, after a recent blow-up led to him blurting out the exciting news of their pregnancy in a less than sensitive way.

After five years of verbal abuse, the husband had finally had enough (Stock Photo)


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As “one of those old school macho guys”, the father-in-law is constantly bringing the husband’s masculinity into question, mocking everything from his career as a software engineer to the care he takes over his appearance.

His wife has always asked him to just put up with it, as she’s keen to re-establish a relationship with him. However, after five long years, the father-in-law’s boorish behaviour has taken its toll, becoming “exhausting and embarrassing”.

Then, during a tense family dinner, things finally came to a head in an explosive fashion.

Taking to Reddit, the father-to-be wrote: “Two months ago, we found out she is pregnant and we are both very excited. We already told her mother and stepdad who were happy with the news.

“Last weekend we met with her father to tell him. I, of course, was dreading this and there was no way for this to go well.

“So prior to dinner, something was up with the TV and he asked me to fix it. I tried but couldn’t figure it out. He then went on about how a real man fixes things and ‘what am I going to do when things break around the house? Call someone like a p***y’ and telling me I’m not man enough for his daughter”.

His wife wants him to apologise (Stock Photo)


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The poster, who goes by the username u/10emobadbitches, continued: “By this point, I’d had enough. I snapped. I told him that I was, ‘man enough to put a baby in your daughter, and unlike you, I’m not going to leave them'”.

“He exploded and cursed me out, calling telling me how awful I am and how my wife needs to leave me and how she made a mistake marrying me. There was a huge argument that my wife had to break up and we left shortly after.

“She was very upset with me. She told me I ruined the night and now she can never have this moment back again because I shot off my mouth. She said it was juvenile of me to respond in the way I did, and that I made her tenuous relationship with her dad even worse now and it’s all my fault and I need to apologise”.

Although the poster believes that he shouldn’t have to apologise, as he believes the father to be at fault, some of his fellow Reddit users feel both men have some apologising to do.

One person wrote: “Her father sounds like the absolute worst. You having to put up with his abuse and just ignore it isn’t healthy in any regard. I understand why you snapped, and I can’t say I wouldn’t have either, but it doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do”.

Another said: “Him for obvious reasons. You for ruining your wife’s plans for the announcement and doing it in a pretty gross way. Honestly, what you said was pretty disgusting, as if your poor wife is an object to be used for babymaking. I think you should at least apologise to your wife”.

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