‘My stepsister announced her pregnancy during my engagement party – I’m fuming’

A woman has turned to the internet for some advice after her stepsister announced her pregnancy at her engagement party – leaving her feeling sidelined at her own event

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She’s always felt overshadowed by her stepsister (Stock Photo)

A bride-to-be has always felt somewhat in the ‘shadow’ of her older stepsister, but naturally expected her engagement party to be off-limits when it came to stealing the limelight.

Frustratingly, the bride claims her special night was completely taken over by her stepsister, who blurted out her pregnancy news right in the midst of the celebration.

The unnamed woman knows her stepsister, whose name is Taylor, ‘can be a mean girl’, and she hasn’t been happy with the rude way she’s treated her mum over the years.

Although she’s less than enthusiastic about their blended family set-up, she’s tried to make an effort for the sake of her mum.

Unfortunately, Taylor, who is two years older than her, doesn’t appear to have made the same sort of selfless commitment.

She knows that Taylor ‘can be a mean girl’ (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the bride-to-be explained that things came to a head at her engagement party, thrown for her by her mum and stepdad.

She described the party as ‘beautiful’, but things soon took a turn when people started joking that Taylor would try and wear white to the wedding, in keeping with her ‘jealous’ nature.

The poster – who goes by the username u/Expensive-Tooth1874 – wrote: “My stepdad made a joke about how he doesn’t care if she is his daughter, he is going to pay multiple people to be there with red paint water balloons because Taylor doesn’t get to get away with her s**t at the wedding.”

In a move that was apparently completely out of character, Taylor burst into tears, shocking the other guests in attendance. Then she shared her big news.

Guests were shocked when Taylor burst into tears, knowing this was very out of character (Stock Photo)


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The poster continued: “She said she was just p***** at her dad for picking me over her, but her husband was trying so hard not to smile. Taylor told us all to shut up and not look at her because she can’t help it.

“My stepdad was trying to explain that she needs to learn a lesson, but he still loves her. Taylor finally blurted out that it isn’t that serious, but she is pregnant and she just has been crying about everything.”

Soon, Taylor was receiving congratulations left, right, and centre, with her husband necking ‘celebratory shots like this party was to celebrate his baby’.

The poster and her mother weren’t happy at all with the scene Taylor had created and made it clear that they don’t want her at any more of her events.

Her stepdad became upset, feeling they were reacting too harshly, while others blasted the bride-to-be as a ‘bridezilla’.

Now she’s begun wondering whether they have a point.

However, one fellow Reddit user advised: “Taylor knew exactly what she was doing turning on the waterworks. Which is why your stepdad’s promise to handle her at the wedding means nothing: he can’t tell when he’s being played.

“Leave her and her drama out of it (as best you can, anyway; I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to arrange some kind of counter-programming or ’emergency’ day off, in which case you may just need to accept the possibility your stepdad won’t be there, either).”

Another said: “She did it on purpose to hijack the party since it seems it wasn’t about her. The way her husband was smiling meant they planned ahead of time to do it.”

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