‘My neighbour’s camera looks directly into my garden – it’s an invasion of privacy’

A disgruntled homeowner whose neighbour has a CCTV camera to keep an eye on their car has taken to UK parenting blog Mumsnet to express their concerns that it also overlooks their own back garden

CCTV camera on fence
The resident claims their neighbour’s camera overlooks their own garden

When you move into a new house, you want to make sure you’ve checked everything out so you know exactly what to expect.

There are often hidden costs of moving in surveyor’s reports, which check out the property to make sure all is as it seems and there’s no pesky damp issues to deal with.

But no matter how much money you spend, there’s one thing you can’t ever fully know until you move in.

It’s a case of luck of the draw when you meet your new neighbours, and all you can do is be polite and hope they’re pleasant to live next door to.

In many cases neighbours can become your good friends, popping over to feed your cat and water the garden while you’re on holiday.

But in other cases things aren’t so rosy – with some neighbours turning into a nightmare.

If you’re really unlucky they can intrude on your privacy, begin disputes over petty issues or keep you up all night with incessant noise.

The neighbour’s sister had admitted seeing the homeowner in their garden on the camera


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One person who feels their neighbour has overstepped the mark has shared their dilemma on UK parenting blog Mumsnet.

They described their home as at the end of a row of terraced houses, with residential parking to one side, adding that their neighbour parks their car in this space and has a camera fixed on the area to keep an eye on it.

But the view of the camera also covers part of the poster’s garden, meaning they can be seen on screen when they’re enjoying their own time in their own space.

The disgruntled homeowner wrote: “[My neighbour’s] sister said to me I saw you on the camera in your garden where did you get your bench from.”

They added: “I understand the garden will be overlooked but I feel strange knowing its being recorded.”

They then said they were considering putting up some trees to create a bit more privacy in the garden and asked others for their opinions on the idea.

Most people agreed the neighbour’s camera was violating the privacy of the person whose garden was on display.

One person even suggested it was illegal to have the camera placed where it was, with someone else’s garden in full view.

Another said: “I’d grow bamboo. It grows quickly and will block their view quite effectively.

“For what it’s worth, they are being incredibly rude. It’s bad enough that their camera covers your garden, but then telling you that they can see you is bang out of order.”

While some suggested the pair talk it out in a friendly way, the original poster said they had tried to tackle the issue before but the neighbour seemed “confrontational”.

Many people suggested a compromise could work which saw the original poster offering to move the camera to sit on their own fence, but facing the other way.

If that failed to work, most people said there was only one option left – call the council and have it out with them.

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