‘My mum’s criticised for having a baby at 51 but she’s never been happier’

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she posted a video of her 51-year-old mum’s pregnancy journey which received comments from people saying that she was “irresponsible” for having a baby at her age

Kayla's mum and her baby brother
Kayla’s mum and her baby brother

A woman has hit out at nasty trolls who criticised her mum for having a baby at 51.

Kayla Caldwell has been documenting her mum’s pregnancy on her TikTok @kaylafilecaldwell after she successfully fell pregnant through IVF.

But one of her videos, which went viral with more than 1.3 million views, received a number of negative comments about Kayla’s mum’s age and her decision to have a baby.

Kayla was quick to respond to haters, insisting she’s never seen her mum so happy.

“To all the haters of my mom having a baby at 51… She is so happy!” she said.

In another clip, Kayla revealed the kind of messages she’d received when she’d broken the news that her mum had had a baby at 51.

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One person said: “Nah, that’s literally irresponsible.”

Another added: “You will probably be caring for your sibling one day.”

“This is so irresponsible for literally everyone involved,” said a third.

While another comment read: “That’s so risky! How’s she gonna have energy to play with children even?”

And someone else said: “Love that doctors are willing to let THIS happen but not let me get my tubes tied.”

However, comments in Kayla’s most recent video, in which she said how happy her mum is, were much more positive.

“I am 45 trying to have another baby. This gives me hope,” one person wrote, to which Kayla replied: “She did IVF.”

“My friend was told she could never have a baby.. she had a healthy boy at the age of 50,” another added, “Congratulations momma.”

Kayla revealed that her brother had a short stay in the newborn intensive care unit but is now at home.

However, Kayla’s mum isn’t the only woman who has been subjected to hate for having a baby later on in life.

Recently, a woman revealed how trolls accused her of being “selfish” for adopting a child at the age of 49.

After suffering another heartbreaking miscarriage, Kris Monsour and her partner decided to adopt a child.

But she has been subject to some comments from people online who said it was “unfair” of her to have a child at her age.

“That poor child who will sadly have a geriatric parent before she graduates school,” one bluntly said.

Kris isn’t letting the cruel commenters get to her though as she continues to post sweet videos with her two-year-old.

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