‘My mother-in-law was late to our wedding so we started without her – she’s furious’

A woman has questioned whether she was in the wrong for not postponing her wedding ceremony by a few minutes so her mother-in-law wouldn’t miss the nuptials – causing a family rift

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They didn’t wait for the mother-in-law (stock photo)

You can plan weddings for months – or years – on end, down to every meticulous detail, only for things to go awry on the day.

However, while some may try to accommodate their guests when mishaps occur, others are a tad more ruthless and ensure the itinerary is adhered to – to the minute.

One bride from the US did just that, but claims she upset and infuriated her husband’s family in the process by making the mother-in-law miss out on the wedding ceremony.

She took to Reddit to question whether she was wrong to have taken the actions she did.

The post began: “We decided to have a phone-free wedding reception, mostly because my mom and a couple of people on my side are social media addicts and I did not want anyone live posting from the wedding or blocking my expensive photographer to get a s****y cellphone picture.

“After reading about the concept online I decided to do an unplugged ceremony and have everyone put their phone in a basket before they were seated.”

The whole thing has caused a rift (stock photo)


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While this is becoming increasingly common at weddings across the world, the poster’s mother-in-law was livid about being told not to use her phone.

She continues: “Well MIL rose hell. MIL isn’t even that into her phone, but is the type who if there is any rule she just has to break it.

“My mom tried reasoning with how about how it is our day and just follow the rules for once, but MIL was irate. She said if she couldn’t have it it was going in her husband’s car because we had no right to touch it.”

Despite being warned that the ceremony was due to start and that the bride refused to wait for her, the mother-in-law insisted on putting her phone in the car, which was parked a seven-minute walk each way.

The anonymous woman says: “I said we weren’t waiting for her. We started right on time and MIL returned a little more than half way through.

“My husband was sad but alright with it. He is very afraid that it is going to get to the point that to be the best husband he can, he will have to go no contact or at least temporarily, so while it made him sad, he is ok with me putting her in her place as needed.

“After the wedding, multiple people on his side told us what a******s we were for not waiting when she wasn’t gone that long. MIL claims she doesn’t care but is still mad about the phone thing and saying she will never step foot in our new house if we are going to go on power trips like that.

“This has caused a big rift between my husband and his sister though so I was wondering if I went too far.”

The post has garnered over 2,000 comments in less than 24 hours, with some strong opinions from people.

A user said: “Unless there was some specific time constraint that made it imperative for you to start on time, it wouldn’t have hurt anything to just wait until she got back. It feels more like you were being petty and trying to put her in her place.”

One explained: “I think you went too far not waiting for her. You robbed this woman of a once-a-lifetime memory of her son getting married and that’s just shameful. She’ll never get that opportunity back because you decided it was okay to steal it from her. What a hateful thing to do to another human being – and on a day where you become part of her family.

“She spent decades of her lifespan raising that young man into a person you felt worthy of marrying. You owe this woman your thanks for that. She literally birthed a husband for you.

“If you had a son, would you be pleased if his bride couldn’t wait a mere ten minutes for the ceremony to commence? I’ve attended 15+ weddings in my life and not a single one of them started on time.”

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