‘My mother-in-law wants to meet my baby – she’ll have to unban me from her house first’

A new mum claims to be under pressure from her husband to let her mother-in-law meet their three-month-old son. However, she says the mother-in-law will have to unban her from her house first

Frustrated young woman looking on as husband and mother argue (Stock Photo)
Her husband is now piling on the pressure (Stock Photo)

Some 11 months back, a woman claims she ended up getting banned from her mother-in-law’s house following a heated argument. Now she’s had a baby, and her husband is keen on his mum meeting her grandchild.

However, the new mum says she doesn’t want her mother-in-law meeting her three-month-old son until she unbans her from her house.

According to this woman, the initial altercation was sparked after her mother-in-law’s husband asked her a question, that she’d thought to be rhetorical. When she didn’t answer, he became “annoyed”, demanding that she respond.

After asking him not to speak to her in such a manner, the mother-in-law chucked her out of the house, telling her that she’d “disrespected her husband and can never return.”

She was told never to return after “disrespecting” her mother-in-law’s husband (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the poster, who goes by the username u/According-Ice-1387, explained, she didn’t answer as she really didn’t have an answer to the question and didn’t understand how things had gotten to this point.

The poster continued: “I feel that if she hates me that much she has no business being near my child. I said she can’t come over, but if she wants to have a birthday meal for her upcoming birthday, then we could all go to her house, meaning she would have to let me in.

“He talked to mother-in-law and she refused. I told my mother-in-law point-blank that she can either meet the baby or let me in the house.

“My mother-in-law said that she won’t be manipulated, and she is okay not meeting him, but for her son would be happy to meet him at our house.”

The poster refused to agree to this, and regarded that as the end of the discussion. However, her husband has since been piling the pressure on, and says she’s being “cruel”.

Her mother-in-law has said that she can return only if she answers the aforementioned question, and apologises for ignoring her husband.

Although the poster feels strongly about this issue, she wonders if she should just drop it and move on.

One fellow Reddit user wrote: “She’s the one putting a barrier between herself and her grandchildren, not you. I understand why your husband is upset, but this absolutely is a hill to die on. If they won’t respect you, they don’t get to spend time with your child.”

Another advised: “Stand your ground. It’s ridiculous for her to get so extreme that she bans you from her house. Now she wants favorable treatment. Don’t give in and make sure your husband backs you up.”

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