‘My mother-in-law is convinced I cheated on my husband – because our baby has blue eyes’

A woman’s mother-in-law has accused her of cheating on her husband because of the colour of their baby’s eyes – and she is now demanding a paternity test be done

New parents with their baby
The woman and her husband have a baby daughter together (stock photo)

It’s pretty common knowledge that when you have a baby, certain genes are passed down to the tot from both parents, right?

And while that might be true, there are some genes that are recessive in one parent but become dominant in their children, such as genes that define eye colour and hair colour.

But one mum on Reddit has been left baffled after it seems her mother-in-law missed that memo, as she’s accused her of cheating on her husband simply because their baby was born with blue eyes.

The woman explained she and her partner both have hazel-green eyes, but she carries the gene for blue eyes from her dad.

The couple’s baby was born with bright blue eyes (stock photo)


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When their daughter was born with blue eyes, the husband’s mum became distant and demanded to speak to her son “alone” to tell him about his wife’s alleged affair – but doesn’t seem to understand that her granddaughter’s blue eyes are perfectly normal and are definitely not a sign of cheating.

The mum said in her post : “My mother-in-law has been pestering my husband to come over to speak to her alone. He has resisted this because the last time she wanted to speak to him alone, it was to try and arrange a schedule for me to go see them weekly while my husband was at work.

“When he refused to schedule my time for me, she ordered him to bring the kids over and drop them off while he was at work one day a week. He declined to do this also. She refuses to text me directly because I just tell her no. We see them once a month for a couple of hours.

“Anyways, he finally got it out of her why he needs to come over alone. It’s because our daughter has blue eyes. My husband and I both have hazel/mostly green eyes.

“My dad has blue eyes so I carry the gene but apparently, no one in her family has blue eyes so I must have cheated.”

The woman claimed that instead of doing any research into eye colour, her mother-in-law has demanded that a paternity test be carried out on the baby to prove who her father is.

She added: “Naturally, instead of doing some research and finding that two green-eyed parents can, in fact, have a blue-eyed baby or that a baby’s eyes can change after several years (babe isn’t even a year yet), my mother-in-law has ordered a paternity test kit for my husband. What a lovely person she is.

“She also routinely reminds my husband ‘we’re family, after all, we just want to be included!’. Every time we tell them anything they have an unkind or judgmental comment to make, but this really takes the cake.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were baffled by the situation, with many branding the mother-in-law as “delusional” and “an idiot” for the accusations she made.

One person wrote: “She’s an idiot. I have green eyes and my husband has hazel. Our son has the darkest brown eyes ever from my side of the family. I’m sorry you have to deal with this stupid bulls**t.”

While another added: “She is definitely ignorant and probably lives to cause dissension. I would suspend the once-monthly visits indefinitely. A paternity test?!! Ridiculous!”

And a third said: “The vast majority of light-skinned babies are born with blue eyes no matter what the parents’ eye colours are. I have brown eyes, my husband has green eyes; our daughter was born with blue eyes. It took over a year for them to turn to a lovely hazel and they could still change.

“Your mother-in-law is delusional. Though it sounds like she’s latching on to any imagined excuse she can find to get her baby boy back.”

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