‘My mother-in-law got a tattoo of my children’s names without asking first – I’m fuming’

A woman has been left reeling after her mother-in-law got her children’s names tattooed without asking for her permission first, while people online are baffled by her reaction

Mother-in-law and daughter arguing
She’s fuming with her mother-in-law (stock photo)_

Relationships with in-laws can often be volatile with many warning that you marry your partner’s family, too, when you tie the knot.

Things can either go swimmingly with all parties getting along and being there for each other, or they can quickly become hostile with nightmare tales of jealousy, revenge and outright petulance.

While both in-laws and partners both need to remain sensitive towards one another, the boundaries can sometimes be questionable.

Now, one woman has taken to Mumsnet to question whether she’s being unreasonable about her mother in law’s new tattoos of her children’s names.

She goes as far as expressing her annoyance at her partner’s mother for not asking for permission before getting the new ink.

Her mother-in-law got a tattoo (stock photo)


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The post reads: “My husband came home from a visit to his mother’s house and has told me that my MIL has got my children’s names tattooed on her leg above her own children’s names.

“I’m really annoyed as she did not ask for our permission!”

However, this isn’t her grandmother’s first rodeo, as the anonymous poster reveals she was already unimpressed after her partner’s mother had his name tattooed on her.

She adds: “Both my husband & myself don’t have tattoos and she knows how we felt when she 1st got a too with my husband’s name on her.

“Any thought, am I right to be annoyed and that she should have ran it by use first? I have not seen her yet”.

The post caused outrage on the forum and already has over 100 comments from fellow users who didn’t hold back with their responses.

One said: “Ridiculous of you to be annoyed! Can’t even believe you’re asking.”

Another wrote: “Is this for real? You are annoyed that a grown woman has a tattoo on her own body that you don’t approve of?”

Someone else responded: “Are you this controlling in all aspects of your life? You do realise that you don’t own a name, even if you’ve chosen to call your children by it. Nor do you own your MiL’s body. Absolutely bizarre.”

“You are being unreasonable. If she had got her name tattooed on your child’s leg, you would then have a reason to be annoyed,” a user joked.

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