‘My husband says I can’t tell anyone we’ve split up – I’m tired of lying’

A woman whose husband broke up with her a month ago has had to deal with her heartbreak in secret, with her estranged spouse insisting they keep their break-up under wraps

Couple arguing in living room (Stock Photo)
Her husband walked out a month ago, saying he was “tired” of her (Stock Photo)

Serious break-ups are never easy, but it can help to confide in friends or family members about how you’re feeling rather than keeping it all locked away inside.

Unfortunately for one recently heartbroken woman, she’s felt pressured into keeping her pain hidden, with her estranged husband ordering her not to tell anyone that they’ve split up.

According to this unnamed woman, her husband of less than a year walked out on her about a month ago, stating that “he wanted to try something new” and that he was “tired” of her.

He’s already started to move on, even using dating apps to find himself a new girlfriend. However, he’s asked her to keep the break-up quiet, not wanting any of their family members or friends to think badly of him.

The husband has already started looking for a new girlfriend on dating apps (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the scorned wife wrote: “At first I agreed to his wishes and when people asked how my husband was doing I just said he’s doing good, busy, etc but honestly I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with lying.

“Yesterday he again told me that I’m not allowed to tell people and that I have to say we are still living together”.

Reaching out to her fellow Reddit users, the confused woman – who goes by the username u/JokeAccurate5684 – pondered what the “protocol” on this sort of thing was exactly.

She was unsure whether it has to be “a mutual decision to decide to tell people” or whether she should just simply “stick to the facts”.

Many people haven’t held back in letting her know just how cruel and unfair they regard her husband’s behaviour to be, making it very clear that she doesn’t owe him anything.

One aghast person wrote: “Not allowed?! You don’t need him to allow you to do things, whether or not you are together. He left you and he needs to deal with the consequences of family and friends knowing what kind of person he is.

“You do what you want and forget about him.”

Another said: “Your husband has screwed you over here and expects you to stay quiet so he doesn’t look bad? Hell. No. His behaviour is outrageous. Tell everyone and get that divorce so you can start living your life!

“Also, if he comes crawling back at some point, tell him to get lost.”

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