‘My employees were fuming I didn’t buy them Easter eggs – they need to grow up’

A female boss took to Mumsnet to ask for advice on whether she should feel guilty or not for not buying her team Easter eggs as she’s only recently just been promoted to the role

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A manager has been slammed for not buying her employees Easter eggs – but she says they need to “grow up.”

In a post on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman explained that she has just been promoted to a position where she manages six people, and in accordance with her new responsibility, she has been given a slight pay rise.

However, she didn’t realise that her new title meant that she would be expected to give her employees gifts.

She wrote: “I have recently had a promotion at work and now line manage 6 others. The increase in pay only works out to be about £8 a day compared to a big increase in workload/responsibility.

Previous managers had given staff Easter eggs


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“I have also only been in this role for 2 weeks so haven’t even received my first payslip yet.

“However, I have had several comments from my team this week about Easter eggs… pointing out that other managers had bought their staff one and when was I going to do the same.

“Some of these comments came across really sarky and it has made me feel quite bad for not buying any! It hadn’t even crossed my mind tbh and money is tight at the best of times.”

She concluded her post by asking users whether the staff needed to “grow up” or whether she should “go to the shops now to try to pick something up”, and they were quick to share their opinions.

One person said: “I have never been given an Easter egg by a line manager or any other colleague. I’d think they were slightly mad. You’re not in the wrong.”

Another wrote: “They need to grow up. I manage a team and took some Easter cakes in the office this week but no one would have commented or cared if I didn’t.

“I have never been bought an Easter egg by a manager (that I can recall). Congratulations on your promotion.”

A third commented: “They are being weird and childish.”

But others thought she was in the wrong, and the gifts would have been a nice surprise, as one group member wrote: “I bought my team chocolate, £1 each in Tesco. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.”

“If the company culture is that managers buy their team an egg then you are being a little bit unreasonable,” said someone else. “The goodwill you will get for spending £6-10 on some eggs might well be worth it. (I appreciate that isn’t nothing to you…..but still think it worth it.)”

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