Mum’s fury as friend claims her choice of baby name is only for ‘badly behaved’ kids

A mum has been left ‘so angry’ after her close friend told her she hated the name she’d chosen for her son – because it’s ‘not cool’ and only for ‘badly behaved’ kids

A mum with her baby
The mum chose a traditional name for her son (stock photo)

Choosing what to name your child can sometimes be a difficult task – especially if you’re trying to wrestle between a traditional name or something a little more unique.

But whatever moniker you end up picking, you would expect those close to you to respect your decision and not tell you how much they hate the name to your face just a few weeks after your little one is born.

That’s exactly what happened to one mum on Mumsnet though, as she claimed that after welcoming her second son into the world less than a month ago, she’s now heard from her best friend that the name she chose isn’t “cool” enough, and is often associated with “badly behaved” boys.

The mum had only given birth a few weeks prior (stock photo)


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The mum was left seething after the conversation and the comments were “unnecessary”, especially when she’s still battling with her hormones just weeks after giving birth.

And the name in question? Jack, a traditional name of Hebrew origin that consistently finds itself in the Top 10 most popular baby names in the UK.

In a post titled “being annoyed by my friend judging name choices”, the mum said: “Our second son was born a few weeks ago and we decided to name him Jack.

“My friend met him for the first time yesterday and decided to inform me that her husband has commented that if they ever have a boy, Jack would’ve been the last name on their list as it’s associated with badly behaved boys.

“[She said] it’s just not ‘a cool name’ and also said that my first boy’s name isn’t cool [either] and [asked] why we go for such simplistic names.

“It might just be the postnatal hormones but I’m so angry she decided to share this with me. I didn’t say anything but my husband said next time he sees them, he will mention the unnecessary comment.

“I would never judge anyone’s name choices so I’m super angry that behind closed doors they b***h about my boys’ names. Not in a rush to meet up with her again.”

Commenters were split by the post though, as while some claimed it was just a “careless comment” that didn’t really mean anything, others shared the mum’s fury.

One person said: “That is rude. It’s a golden etiquette rule of my mum’s to never comment negatively on a baby’s name or appearance!”

While another added: “There is nothing wrong with the name. Your friend sounds horrible.”

But someone else disagreed, stating: “Just leave it. It was a careless comment and she probably said it without thinking. No need to make it a big thing.”

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