Mum’s birthday hamper for son’s 16th divides opinions as she gifts him condoms

A mum took to TikTok to share what she bought her son for reaching the legal age of consent, but a few of the items have sparked a debate causing the video to go viral

The "sixteenth birthday hamper"
The “sixteenth birthday hamper”

The 16th birthday is truly special, so it calls for a truly memorable gift.

But one mum has divided opinions online after gifting her son with condoms and lube when he reached the milestone birthday.

Janine Adamson, from Southampton, shared the “sixteenth birthday hamper” on her TikTok ( @jadamson98 ), which included three packs of condoms, two kinds of lubes and wet wipes, to mark her son reaching the legal age of consent.

The mum, who had her son at the age of 17 explained that she just wants to make sure her son is safe if he’s going to have sex, and joked she ‘is too young to be a nanna’.

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She captioned the video, which has recently resurfaced: “My boy is sixteen tomorrow.

“Sixteen means wipes, protection, more protection.

“I’m a young mum, so make sure there’s more protection.

“Maybe he wants to experience it, and that’s ok.”

Since being posted, the video, which has since been removed, has sparked quite the debate.

While many viewers were on board with her safe sex strategy, others said they would “die of embarrassment then and there if my mum handed me this”.

One person said: “I’d literally run away from home.”

Another wrote: “Why would you post this and embarrass your kid?”

But a third commented: “This is great parenting and I don’t understand why people are complaining, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

And someone else put: “These are the things teenagers need/want and are too afraid to ask for, she is giving him a safe place by doing this.”

This comes as a mum sparked a breastfeeding debate on the app for sharing the “boundaries” she made for her two-year-old son.

In the video, she asks viewers whether it’s “weird” for them to see a child ask to be breastfed, and they were keen to share their opinion.

Have a look at what they had to say here.

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