Mum-to-be in stitches as ultrasound image of first child goes a bit wrong

Tasmin Stenhouse, 25, was pregnant last year and when she went for her scan but the image didn’t come out as she expected, and when she showed her partner he burst out laughing

Tasmin Stenhouse
Tasmin Stenhouse thought something looked a bit off when she went for her first ultrasound

A mum-to-be was left in stitches after going for her first ultrasound as it didn’t come out as she expected and left her baby looking a bit scary.

Tasmin Stenhouse, 25, went for a scan when she was nearly five months pregnant and was excited to see the face of her baby for the first time.

But that excitement soon turned to shock as the black and white image showed the baby to have a scary skull for a head, and seemingly no facial features.

Tasmin showed the image to her partner and he burst out laughing, and now the pair have welcomed their daughter into the world and thankfully she “doesn’t look scary”.

The ultrasound showed the fetus with a ‘skull’ for a head


Tasmin Stenhouse / SWNS)

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Tasmin, from Dunfermline, Scotland, said: “It was the NHS appointment where they confirm the gender that we got the scan photo where the skull appeared.

“It was one of the first clear images that we’d had of her – I showed my partner and his reaction was to burst out laughing.”

The couple, who have since had the baby – a healthy tot called Jura, aged two months – said she had no demon heads or skull-like features.

Tasmin said her baby didn’t look scary at all when she was born


Tasmin Stenhouse / SWNS)

Tasmin and her partner saw the funny side


Tasmin Stenhouse / SWNS)

“I’ve had the baby, she was born on February 12,” said new mum Tasmin. “She doesn’t look scary – she’s beautiful.”

Meanwhile, for one mum-to-be, her first scan is unforgettable as her husband made a bit of a blunder with a comment he made.

While he definitely had a hand in making the baby, he stole her thunder big time – and then continued to dig himself a bit of a hole.

The couple were at a recent ultrasound appointment when his seven-month-pregnant wife got emotional looking at their baby on the screen.

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“My wife started crying, and I was comforting her, when she said the words, ‘I can’t believe I’m making a human being’,” the dad-to-be explained on Reddit.

“I kept comforting her, but I waited a few minutes and, once the tech was gone, gently reminded her that we are both the parents, not just her,” he continued.

“I also told her that saying she’s ‘making’ the baby on her own is not accurate, since I provided half the genetic material.”

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